Winter Care Tips

Winter Care For Your Body, Skin, Hair & Hands


The new season should mean a change of your skin care and hair habits, mostly because the bitter cold weather and biting winds outside which is undoubtedly followed by the dry air in the rooms that we spend our days, this can negatively affect your appearance.  

We shall start with winter skin care tips:

  -          Replace hot water showering, with lying in a tub with warm water, where you will add a few drops of essential oil. -          Limit the skin ( face and body) exfoliation to 2-3 times a week tops. Excessive use of peeling,  can cause not only removing of harmful cells from the skin surface, but also can cause damage to the upper layer of the epidermis. -          Get an extra moisturiser for your knees and feet which contains Vaseline. Apply it every night before going to sleep, and afterwards put on cotton socks and warm pyjamas. -          Do not forget to moisturise your lips. Every night before bedtime, apply honey and always keep hydrating your lips during the day with lip balsam.        

The skin of the hands in the winter, require extra care. Temperatures below minus, dry indoor air, housework with aggressive funds- it can cause dry, cracked skin and unattractive women’s hands.

It is time for peeling, masks, massage and regular application of cream for hands, while the most important thing is the correct choice of care.

These tips will help facilitate the winter care of hands:

-          Always wash your hands with a soap that has a neutral PH balance, and after washing, wipe your hands with a cotton cloth. -          Avoid keeping your hands in hot water, by doing so you are risking rupturing of the capillaries. To prevent this from happening, while doing housework, put on rubber gloves, and when you are outside, wear proper gloves that will protect the skin of the hands. -          Use hands scrub that contains AHA acids, which is not only a great way to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and improve circulation, but also helps slowing the ageing process. -          To prevent drying of skin, use creams whose composition contains essential oils, Vitamins A and E, and extracts of honey, lemon or chamomile. -          Use the applying of cream to do your self hand massage using soft circular movements. -          Here is a recipe for a home made hand skin care: Make a mixture of 1 boiled potato and a few drops of almond or olive oil. Mix the ingredients well until you get a paste. Apply it on the hands and let it act for about 15 minutes, and after wash your hands with lukewarm water.    

Just to remind you again that the low temperatures, wind and dry indoor air are also big enemies of your hair.

Excessive wearing of a cap can protect your hair and the scalp, but it also can ruin the hair style.  Here are some tips that are crucial for the perfect hair care in the winter:


-In the first winter days you are running the risk of falling hair. For this purpose, get yourself a paramedical shampoo which helps fight against hair falling and use it every second washing. - A healthy type of hair depends on regular cutting of damaged ends. For the winter period, choose a flat hairstyle that will maintain the natural volume of hair and thus prevent the loss of moisture. - Create a routine of applying oil before each wash.  Apply the oil, leave it on your hair for about 15 minutes, and then wash the hair with mild shampoo. Olive or almond oil are the right choices for extra hydration of the hair in the winter.     This were the most important winter care tips we prepared for you. Feel free to share your comments.                      

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