When you need to throw out your skin-care products ?

When you need to throw out your  skin-care products ?



We all know the first and main rule : See when your products have passed the expiry date and discard them, this should ensure that you have no adverse effects.

When buying skin care products, we often think that they are long lasting. We forget that they have a shelf life and that from the moment you open the product the months of use are ticking away.


Oxygen and heat affect the ingredients in all cosmetic products and make them useless after a certain time. In the following article we will show you certain products and their usefulness after the first opening.

Product types No. 1 : Everything that is packed in ampoule   Products that are packed in ampoule are best to take immediately after the first day of opening. Because these products will usually contain vitamin C and E and other ingredients that oxidise after exposure to the sun.         Product types No. 2 : Hydration creams   Hydration creams can go brown after just two months of their opening. That means they are no longer usable. Select products in hermetic pump and keep them in the fridge, so this way will add at least another month of life to the product.         Product types No. 3 : Cotton treatment for acne   Cotton treatments against acne have only two months expiry date from their opening,  because the ingredients they have and the alcohol evaporates, If specifically packaged every cotton will have a longer term.         Product types No. 4 : Peeling and facial masks   These products after around three months are no longer usable. This is the time that their active components will start to evaporate, and fruit acids and glycerin will become more irritating than giving the soothing effect they should.         Product types  No. 5 : Products for the treatment of acne   These type of products mostly last for around 4 to 6 months. After that, the ingredients that are in them, peroxide and salicylic acid, the biggest fighters against acne quickly decompose. For maximum effect keep these products in the fridge.         Product types No. 6 : Anti-Ageing Creams   These creams contain collagen that after nine to eleven months do not act as they should anymore. It is best to throw out these products, when they pass that time of usage.         Product types No. 7 : Sunscreen   These products last for one to two years, but check to see that the packaging is good, if the packaging date is not expired already. Also while you are at the beach, keep  these products in the shade or in cool place such as mini fridge, and if perhaps you have forgotten them and left them in your car where they may have melted, it  is best to throw them out.         Product types No. 8 : Hydrant creams for daily use   After one year, these creams do not have any effect on your skin. Although sometimes they can last longer if they do not contain anti-ageing ingredients         Product types No. 9 : Face exfoliates   After two years of their opening,  their action passes and they are no good for using. These products are made of almost indestructible ingredients, but over a prolonged period they will become a tube for bacteria and will need discarding.    

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