What to Expect at the Dermatologist’s Clinic

What to Expect at the Dermatologist’s Clinic

  There are many occasions when people consider a visit to a dermatologist to figure out what kind of treatment they may need.  It is a good idea to prepare fully for the visit to get the most out of it so there are some common sense tips to help people who are visiting a dermatology clinic in Newcastle or elsewhere.  

Go ‘Clean’

  Remove all nail polish and body adornments like studs and rings.  Don’t forget toenails here since fungus can grow under the nail.  Any marks on the body that have started to change or bleed must be pointed out to him and the patient is the one with their own history of their body so who knows better?  

The Body Examination

  Be prepared for a going over by the dermatologist and the assistant.  First the patient will be asked a series of questions and then the examination will take place.  Most clinics will have some form of gown to be worn over underwear but choose the clothes carefully to avoid embarrassment.   The dermatologist will always check out a new patient from the top of the head to the tips of the toes and they will want the patient to point out any worrying growths or moles etc.  These may not be obvious on the first scan so it is up to the patient to draw attention to it.  There really is no need to be embarrassed in front of this specialist since he has probably seen everything before.  


  If the dermatologist finds something, don’t be scared because this is the reason for the visit.  He may want to take a piece of the growth for further examination and, should it be a tumour, then he will know exactly what treatment the patient will need.  Book regular appointments once a year once the all clear is given.  

Talk to the Dermatologist

  As with all doctors, communication is the key.  This is the perfect time to talk of worries about moles etc and the doctor is fully equipped to settle matters.  If drugs are necessary, he can also explain about side effects or what to expect.  Ask for samples of new products if he has them.  

A Good Tip

  We all have digital cameras these days so it may be a good idea to take photos of moles and tags that we have on our bodies.  Put something next to it, like a ruler, to monitor the size.  If this is done every six months or so, any changes will be very obvious.  Take along the photos to the dermatologist and show them the changes.  This will certainly make his job so much easier.  


  Never leave it too long to go and have a full body check up.  As with all kinds of illnesses, the sooner something is caught, the better the outcome will be.  Even if it is the dreaded cancer, it very often will not be malignant.  However, if it is, getting the offending mole removed quickly will practically guarantee that the cancer has not spread.

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