Tricks and exercises for tight sexy abdominal muscles


Tricks and exercises for  tight sexy abdominal muscles



The desire for a flat stomach and sexy abdominal muscles drastically increases with the approaching of the bikini season . Every summer shirt, every modern dress and even bright pants look a hundred tkl imes better when then are adorn a sexy feminine figure with a tight torso , and not at all surprising that the increase a womens focus on exercises for abdominal muscles.   To get the maximum effect from your workouts to shape the stomach, it is important to know and put in practise the following tricks and exercises:     ADVICE No. 1 : Do the abdominal exercises slowly: It is not only important to do 50 or 100 reps for the stomach, but it is how we do it. Take your time to reach the figure you have scheduled in the head. Better to do 25 slow good repetitions, rather than rush to get to get 50 poor ones in.Remember quality not quantity   Perhaps you have felt the muscles ache more and strain more while exercising slowly, This means that exercise is effective and that in turn will increase the strength, and thus to improve the visible results.         ADVICE No. 2:  Do not forget to breathe Many forget that  proper breathing during exercise in essential and helps maintain the air much more than normal. However, oxygen is necessary for your muscles to operate at full capacity.   Breathe in while you do the easy part of the exercise and breathe out while "struggling" muscles maximally. For example, if you do abdominal exercises, inhale on the way down to the floor, and while running breathe out while putting the body up, or while in a stomach contraction.         TRICK: Imagine you have an apple between your jaw and chest It is a very big mistake that while doing the standard abdominal exercises, using your chest to support the jaw. Doing so you are making it easier for stomach muscles, besides unnecessarily stretching and straining your neck.   Maybe this way, it feels easier to exercise, but you must understand that it is easier and less effective.           ADVICE: Do the abdominal exercises on pilates ball A Pilates ball will force you to maintain balance, and trying to stabilise, the body will activate alot more muscle groups than if you do these exercises on the floor.   All exercises that forces you to balance, makes the muscles constrict the core of the body and shape your lower back.         EXERCISE: Shape the lower dorsal muscles For your waist to look tight and toned, you must not forget the back muscles.   1. Kneel on the floor and rely on the arms (doggy position lol). 2. While squeezing the muscles of the abdomen, extend your right arm forward, left foot back (see picture). 3. Once stabilised, begin to move your arm and leg up and down. Repeat 12 times. 4. After that repeat again, but with his left arm and right leg.             ADVICE: Take a rest day One of the biggest fitness error is to do abdominal exercises every day.You must give your muscles time to recover.   Experts advise to do exercises that target your abs every other day.                 ADVICE: Do not do exercise in a robotic manner – i.e every Monday the same muscle and the same the next etc etc, this is because muscles are smart – Rotate the learning and the exercises, Shake it up in your training plan. If each day you are practising the same exercises, the muscles will get used to the physical challenge and that will decrease the effect of the exercise.   Any change in technique and each new exercise is a new challenge for the muscles and they are activated maximally. Do not be like a robot, but put changes in to your fitness program. It will definitely be more fun, and you are more likely to see results quicker and that is what we all want.             EXERCISE: "Plank" - exercise, which you should not skip Many agree the exercise called "Plank" is the best exercise for abs and is great for all other muscles from the middle part of the body. If you do not have enough time, it is much better to get the locked in position of "Plank" than hastily to do 50 standard abdominal exercises.   1. Stand in a position to do as male would push-ups, but rely on the forearms (see picture). 2. Stay in that position without moving for as long as possible (at the beginning hold in this position 20-30 seconds). 3. The exercise is not as easy as it looks, and the results will certainly surprise you in a positive manner.             EXERCISE: Side "Plank" The "Tyre" that is around the belly, the one that hangs over the jeans is uncomfortable,unsightly and is a common problem. To frame the side abdominal muscles enhance your training and exercise side "Plank".   1. Lie on your right leg so that you are completely straight. Support your weight from the upper body on the right forearm which will set under the shoulder. The left hand placed on hip. 2. Tighten abdominal muscles and lift your hips off the floor (see picture). 3. Hold this position as long as possible (to start 15-20 seconds).  

Remember, toned abdominal muscles will never become visible if you do not  take care of your nutrition. Fitness experts and nutritionists advise the if you want taut flat tummy to focus on a healthy diet and plenty of mixed exercise .


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