Top Tips On How To Make Your Makeup last longer?

Top Tips On How To Make Your Makeup last longer?

Some women maintain their beauty from sunrise to sunset, while others need to touch up the make-up at least once during the day. Certainly we should not be slaves to our beauty products, but on some occasions we may require our makeup to stay perfect throughout the day. Here are the steps, tricks and tips that you need to follow to succeed with maintaining that beautiful look all day long.


No.1 : Cleaning the face

Clean the skin on  your face well to remove dead skin cells from the surface. Do not do peeling and cleansing right before applying make up, this way uou will avoid redness and irritation of the skin. If you have oily or combination skin, pay particular attention to the T-zone.

No. 2 : Hydration

Choose a moisturising cream and apply it on your face to ensure a gentle and smooth surface for your makeup. Wait 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your skin to absorb the cream before proceeding with the following steps.

No. 3 : Make up base

Apply a foundation makeup whose ingredients will be based on the below criteria. If you are spending a lot of time in the open, look for waterproof base for makeup. If applying with a sponge, make sure to be well cleaned previously. Apply in upward and external direction and avoid rubbing the skin.

No. 4 : Concealer

Select the appropriate concealer for your skin. Use a concealer stick if you have oily skin or liquid concealer if you have dry skin. Apply around the eyes and the places where the complexion is not  equal. Concealers, foundations and powders made ​​from minerals last longer and are healthier for your skin

No. 5 : Blush

Add colour to your face with a blush or bronzer. In order to make it last longer you can mix them, making a cream blush, then above it a blush powder, you will have to apply this blend carefully.

No. 6 : Foundation

Apply foundation on the face, repeating the procedure on the oily parts of the face, and do not forget to apply on the eyelids. Foundation quality is a key factor in the longevity of your makeup look.

No. 7 : Powder

Apply powder or mineral powder. Blow on the brush or sponge before you apply. Skip this step if you have dry skin, because it will become drier and make an unnatural appearance, also this will make the pores more visible. Add another layer of blush or bronzer and  to finish this step ever so carefully spray hair spray on your face, at a distance of two hands placed in width distance.

No. 8 : Long lasting lipstick

You certainly do not want any to spend any celebration or important occasion with a mirror and lipstick in your hand constantly. To make your lipstick last longer, Firstly apply a lip pencil on the edges of the lips, and then on the entire surface. The lip pencil should not be darker than the shade of lipstick you are using. You can make every lipstick last longer, with the application of multiple layers. First apply lipstick, use a handkerchief, close the lips and tap several times on the handkerchief. Then apply lipstick again, repeating the same procedure. Finally apply another layer. Based lipstick optional, you can add a lip gloss, all carefully combined.


No. 9 : Eye pencil

This is a critical area because the eyes naturally secrete fluid. With a cotton bud,carefully cross the inner corners of the eyes before applying your eye pencil. Apply a black eye shadow above the eye pencil using a thin make up sponge. This may resemble the look "smoky eyes", but the procedure is very practical because it will prevent spreading the eye pencil all over and around your eye area.

No. 10 : Long  lasting eye makeup

Enjoy long lasting eye makeup by applying light layers of eye shadow. “Roll “ the  make up spongeand also in the powder that you are planning before applying. Mascara will last longer if you have coated powder on your lashes before applying it.

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