Tips for successful and painless waxing

Tips for successful and painless waxing


Waxing is one of the most widespread ways of removing unwanted hair from the body and most women prefer it to other forms of hair removal. Waxing has many advantages compared with other methods that can be used. The best thing about waxing is that hairs are extracted from the root and the skin remains smooth up anything between 2 to 6 weeks. And the worst thing about waxing is the pain however some say ‘No Pain, No Gain’   Surely you will agree that waxing is synonymous with pain. The intensity of the pain depends on which area of the body is subjected to waxing, but also from the person. Some describe the pain as intense and unbearable, and others just as awkward and insignificant.   The good news is that there are several things you can do to make waxing  painless, and to avoid the unpleasant redness of the skin that can occur after wards.  


  • This part does not count for men ;0)  Never do the waxing just before menstruation. In the period before menstruation the skin is sensitive, so the pain is significantly worse.
  • Take time to exfoliate two days before waxing. That will make the skin smoother and remove dead cells and thus reduce the occurrence of subcutaneous fibres.
  • Do not drink coffee or alcohol several hours before waxing. Coffee and alcohol make the skin more sensitive, and it does not help, especially if you plan to do Brazilian waxing (hair removal on the intimate zone).
  • Drink aspirin to reduce pain. About 30-45 minutes before waxing drink aspirin. It will not make the waxing completely painless, but will surely help make it easier to bear.
  • Ensure that the hairs have the proper length. You will not be able to successfully remove hairs if they are shorter than 5mm. On the other hand, if they are more than 1,5 cm long, the pain will be greater than usual. Therefore, try hair to get it so that the hair is neither too short nor too long. Cut the hair down with the scissors if it is longer than the recommended length.
  • Shower with hot water before waxing. Hot water will open pores and the hair will come out easier. Pat dry your skin before you start waxing.


  • Do not put ice on the waxed area. In order to reduce pain, some women put ice directly on skin. But it is not wise to do this before you apply the wax, because the ice presses/tightens the skin and pores, so the hairs come out harder. Save the ice for after waxing.
  • Apply a thin layer of wax. You should apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth. If you apply a thick layer, the pain will be greater. When applying hold the applicator at an angle of 45 °.
  • Use smaller strips. You'll spend more time, but also the pain will be less. Many women claim that generally waxing is less painful when using smaller tapes.
  • Breathe deeply. The pain forces women to be strained during depilation. But, be exactly the opposite - be relaxed and breathe deeply.It will be over in no time.
  • Imitate coughing. In some areas of the body, the withdrawal of tape is a real nightmare. To reduce pain, drag the attention of the brain. While dragging the strip, cough.It really works!
  • After the withdrawal of the tape, press the spot with your arm. Immediately after you pull flax, using the thumb or the palm press the point that you just waxed, to reduce pain.


  • Now Put on the ice. Take a plastic bag put ice cubes in it and hold for a few minutes on the areas of the body you have waxed. This reduce the redness, the more you remove discomfort, the slighter the pain that will occur after depilation.
  • Rub with tea tree oil . This oil naturally cleans the skin, reduces inflammation, reduces pain and helps in healing wounds. Therefore, tea tree oil is an effective means to reduce redness.
... Or, use a lotion with aloe. Aloe can also help reduce inflammation and accelerate calm skin.
  • Do not shower for a few hours. Especially do not shower with hot water, because it will irritate the skin.
  • Do not wear tight clothes. Tight clothing rubs the skin and irritates. During the 24 hours after waxing wear soft fibres and baggy  clothes.
  • If you're on holiday, do no go in the sea/water on the same day. Dirty lake and salty seawater causes redness and inflammation and can cause the appearance of small pimples.
  • Do not sunbathe 24 hours before and after waxing. Ultraviolet rays from the sun make the skin more sensitive. It is best to stay in the shade.
  • Do not use the solarium and sauna for the next two days. Refrain from using the sauna or solarium at least 24-48 hours after waxing.

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