Tips for Perfect Manicure

Tips for Perfect Manicure

Well nourished and good looking hands and nails are a by product of a good everyday cleansing ritual that some women do. This flawless look seems easy and expected to be achieved in no time, but it unfortunately takes time and skill to be impeccable in the finger department. Don’t you just love to look at your perfectly polished nails, but the hate it after two or three days after you have had done, the nail polish starts peeling and you need to get down to work, again?! Continue reading, and you will find a few quick and easy tips for perfect manicures, which you can immediately start practising.

1.    Do not throw out that  bottle of nail polish in the not so nice red colour just because you do not like it, Combine two shades and create a new colour just for you. Take a shade from the last season or one that you have not used for a long time, just put it into the new one, put a little transparent nail polish colour, and shake. Ther, you have not got a new bow with a unique and chic colour .

2.    Give your nails the chic, youthful look by placing decorative buckles, shimmers, or small pieces of lace on a non dried polish on your nails.

3.    When making a manicure: Always start with a special colourless polish on the base. The first step you should follow before polishing your nails is to hone your nails to become smooth and shiny and nicely file the peaks of the nails. Then, if you have remnants of the previous polish, remove it using acetone. Once the nails are ready for the painting part, apply one layer of special colourless nail polish that you will be using as a basis for the actual colour, the one  that you want to use later. This will improve the colour dramatically .

4.    Apply nail polish at the nail tips also. Nail polish first starts peeling at the peaks. To prevent premature cracking, apply nail polish at the top of the nails, moving the brush from the one end to  the other end of the nail. This way, you are creating a protective layer and hopefully preventing the polish peeling too quickly.

5.    After applying two layers of coloured nail polish, again apply one colourless polish. Once you apply two coats of colour nail polish that you have chosen for your appearance today, always apply a layer of colourless lacquer at the top to “cement” the manicure of your nails. After several days, re-apply the colourless polish to restore the shine of your nails, and it will help to continue the life of your manicure for an extra few days.

6.    If your nails are painted with flesh tones of colour, it visually makes your hands extended. Choose pink shades if you have medium or light tan, and earth tones if your tan is darker.

7.    To prevent breakage and drying of your nails, and appearance of cuticles around them, massage them with the oil from a Vitamin E capsule.

8.    Last, but not least – Take a good care of your hands. Whenever you wash dishes, wash clothes, or have your hands in the water, use rubber gloves. Also, avoid using your hands as tools for some jobs ( like rubbing stains out of the the furniture)  because it will inevitably lead to peeling of the nail polish.

Hope you find this article useful . Feel free to share your opinion. You can also find various nail tools and polishes, and everything you need for the beautifying process at our main page :  http://www.beautiesfactory.co.uk/

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