Tips for dry skin on the hands during Autumn/Winter time

Tips for dry skin on the hands during Autumn/Winter time




Hands can say a lot about you, your health and how you take care of yourself. They are always exposed to the eyes of people, and the slightest neglect of them is immediately noticed.   Cold weather can be a cause of skin drying hands. Apart from low temperatures, the reason for this may be and washing hands with too hot water and soaps that contain chemicals or too dry air in the premises where you stay.   Also, the discomfort of dry and cracked skin on hands can be a result of dehydration or a lack of certain vitamins in your organism.      

Hydration - three times a day

  Always keep highly hydrating cream for hands close to you and apply it at least three times during the day. Avoid humidifiers that contain alcohol or fragrances because they further dry hands.   For extremely dry hands, use humidifiers with Vaseline hydrocortisone and lactic acid.   Nocturnal hydration on hands is mandatory after which you can put cotton gloves on the hands.      


  Although winter is a period of colds and flu, the use of hand disinfection liquid that contains alcohol can further dry skin. Use fluid that does not contain alcohol to avoid this problem.    

More fluid and vitamins

  Although in the cold period you are not thirsty, make sure to enter the required quantity of water in the body. You probably already know, for softer skin enter around 1.5-2 litters of water throughout the day.   Dermatologists specifically emphasise improper diet as a cause of skin problems, so we recommend sufficient and adequate intake of vitamins.  

Here are tips plus that will facilitate the care of the hands in winter:



TIP No.1 : In the winter do not get out of the home without gloves, except it will keep you warm, you will protect the skin from cracking. Cold and dry air and wind are the biggest enemies of the skin on your hands.


TIP No.2 : Do not let the skin of the hands to suffer from domestic affairs. When choosing detergents or cleaning product, make sure they contain components to protect your skin. Or, use rubber gloves when dealing with domestic affairs.

TIP No.3 : For the skin of the hands most important is vitamin E. The required daily amount for adult women is 15 mg. You could include it in the diet with fish, nuts, vegetables with green leaves, avocados and vegetable oils.


Do it Yourself: Oil mask for hands:

You will need:

-100 Ml of castor oil

-100 Ml olive oil

a squeezed lemon

  Preparation: Heat up the castor oil and olive oil together, but at a low temperature. Then add the lemon and stir well. Allow the mixture to cool a little and put it in a wide bowl and immerse your hands inside. Let it sit for 15 minutes and simultaneously massage. Then rinse and dry well. Your hands will be grateful for this and will be incredibly smooth. Do this at least once a week in winter.    

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