The Best Tips For Safe Use of Your Make Up

The Best Tips For Safe Use of Your Make Up


A lot of women have make up cases filled with make up that they rarely use or have never used, so they keep them for that just in case occasion. Undoubtly  a long period will pass before use, and the make up can spoil, yet many of us do not notice that. This then has an obvious effect of the use of such make up and the result is absolutely the opposite of the desired.   It is wrong to think that make up which has not been open is always good to use, regardless of expiration date or  the proper storage, and that any make up will  last forever. All make up can spoil, some because they have passed the period of use, others because they have been open longer than they should, and third, because of improper use and improper storage.   Moreover, dust, dirt and bacteria from the hands and the environment can easily be found on make up, applicators and brushes. These little bugs and gerns can cause acne, red skin and chicks, pain, infections on the eyes etc...   To avoid this and reduce the risk of problems associated with using make up, you should take the following preventive measures:  
  1. DO NOT put make up in motion
  Almost every woman has her make-up applied whilst in a vehicle (car, bus.. ), but it that is a huge mistake.especially if you are the one driving! Not only can your make up be completely destroyed as a result of a sudden movement. One common injury is scratch of the eye with the mascara  brush.  Also, serious injury can occur using eye pencil whilst moving.         2. DO NOT let anyone else use your make up.   You can allow your friends to use maybe the powder or blush, but not the mascara or eye pencil. Also, be reasonable,you should never use someone else’s make up, doing so can easily spread  infection. Specially if you have sensitive eyes.              
  1. Frequently sharp your eye and lip pencils.
  Eye  pencils and lip pencils gather bacteria, this can be easily removed by regularly sharping. Also, if your eye pencil is sharp, you will avoid the scratch on your eye with the tip of the pencil, and also your make up will be more precise. Make up pencils last more than a year, but if you use them regularly, it is recommended to sharp them at least once a week.       4.  If you have eye infection, DO NOT use make up   You can worse the situation by applying eye make up. It is recommended to throw away the make up ( mascara, eye pencil..) that you were using when you first noticed the symptoms of eye infection.           5.  If you have a cold sore on your lips, throw away the lipstick or lipgloss that you were using.   In order not to risk re- appearance of those nasty blisters on the mouth, throw away  the lipstick and/or lipgloss that you used just before the occurrence of herpes.         6.  Clean your make up brushes!   The hair make up brushes accumulate bacteria, if not cleaned regularly, will be find it way onto your face. It is mandatory to clean your make up brushes. Lip brushes should be cleaned immediately after use. If you are using a powder brush from natural fibres, then you should wash it once a month at least with a baby shampoo. If your brush is made of artificial fibre, wash it 3-4 times a month.               7.  Put your contact lenses in before applying make up .   If you use contact lenses, always put them in before you start applying make up and always take them out before starting to remove make up.           8.   Keep your make up well closed in a dry and cool place. Sunlight and heat can quickly ruin your make up. Keep your make up closed, to not let dirt and bacteria find its way  in or onto them. Never let your eye pencil or lip pencil remain without cap on.                

When it’s the time to discard your  make up  ??

  Just like food,  make up has a shelf life. Some cosmetic products (like face powder), last longer and are not a good environment for the development of bacteria, but other make up ( such as eyeliner and mascara) should not be used for  a long time. The expiry date written on  the packaging should be respected, but there is a period after opening, in which you can use the make up, and after that it is recommended to be discarded.          

Recommendation of experts:


This are the recommendation of experts on how much time you can use these make up products for.


Mascara – 3 or 6 months. (Some experts recommend mascara to be discarded after 6 months of use, and others recommend that it would be best to ditch  it after only 3 months). It is up to you.


Liquid eyeliner – up to 6 months.


Liquid concealer and foundation – from 6 to 12 months.


Cream blush and cream eye shadows  - from 6 to 12 months.


Powder Blush and powder eye shadow – 1 year.


Lipstick - 1 year.


Pencil for eyes or lips – up to 2 years.


Face powder – 2 years.

      Extra Advice:   It is time for you to throw  away make up if you notice: -          visible mould -          change of texture of the product -          change in the smell       Hope that you found this article useful. Be free to share some of your own opinion, experience, or extra advice on this theme.          

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