The Best Face and SkinCare Tips for Men and Women

It is a fact that our face is our personal greeting card, the first thing that people notice when meeting us. Our face is the part of our body that we most take care of, or we should most take care of.  A lot of people believe that it is really hard to have beautiful, healthy glowing skin and face.You know just like the guys and gals in the magazines.   It is not surprising, with all the work pressures, school and college activities, stress about deadlines and day to day life, busy lifestyles in general and the day-to day pollutants.   I have a news for you – It’s not so hard ! In a fact, if you get yourself into a habit following the information and tips provided in this article, healthy. glowing skin is right within your reach.   First of all, you must know what your skin type is. Basically, your skin will fall into one of these catergories: Oily Dry Normal Mix of both greasy and dry skin.   Here is someinformation to help you identify your skin type if you are not sure.   If you regularly end up with a glossy or gummy face at the end of the day- then your face type is probably greasy. Dry skin is often manifested by participation of severe sin flakes accompanied with the feeling of carrying a parsimonious facade over your face. Combination of the both greasy and dry skin , customarily involves an greasy T-zone ( the area involving your front and nose) and dryness on the rest of your face.    1. The most important thing you should do to your skin is hydrate. This is very important for your health and the health of your skin. The recommended amount is between eight to twelve glasses a day. I know, it sounds too much.  You can replace at least some of the necessary water consumption by eating foods with high water content. Something like raw vegetables and fruits. They naturally contain a lot of water. So, supplement your water drinking with these types of foods fora overall health benefit and boost.   2. Stress is the biggest threat to you skin. Stress affects your whole body, but one of the first places it will show up is on your face and skin. Worrying, feel nervous and stressed out can make you feel and look older.  So, is there a quick remedy? Find yourself a few stress relievers. They can be things like doing some yoga, taking a warm, soothing soak in the tub completed with face mask, or maybe practising meditation. Maybe you could try taking a few deep breaths, whenever you find yourself feeling stressed. You may find it silly, but deep breathing relieves the tension and forces you to relax. Go on give it a go!   3. Sleeping is not call the “beauty rest” for nothing. It is important to get those essential minimum eight hours of sleep at night. Lack of proper sleep causes dark circles and diminishes the glow of your skin.  While you are a sleep, your body regenerates and repairs. So, to maintain vibrant skin and glowing complexion, be sure that you get enough sleep. 4. A Clean face is a happy face. Get into the habit of cleaning or washing your face gently two times a day. Purchase a good natural face care product that is appropriate for your skin type.     5. Feed your skin, it will be thankful.  Increase your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. Look for those that are especially good for the skin, rich with antioxidants, which protect your skin from sun and environmental damage and wrinkles. Yes, wrinkles! Fruit, especially berries, green veggies,  and nuts are a few of the kinds of food that contain antioxidants.  Also tomatoes, cabbage, citrus, banana, beans and lentils are great for your skin. And don’t forget fish has loads of good minerals for us to. Try to reduce as much as you can consumption of beverage like coffee, tea and alcohol. And remember Steam your face once a week, to unclog the pores and get rid of oil, dirt, and pollutants.     Hope this article was helpful for you

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