Spruce Up Your Makeup For Spring!

Spring is just a few days away which means most people are rearranging their closets so that warm weather items are easier to reach. But clothes aren’t the only things that need rearranging! Having some items that are specific for spring/summer and autumn/winter is a perfect way to always look fresh and have your face match your outfits. When it comes to your foundation heavier powders or creams are great for winter because they will easily stay put but the heat can not only have your face leave your mark on everyone you hug but it can leave you looking like an oily mess! Another reason why using heavy foundations all year round is that if you’re living in the northern hemisphere then your natural skin tone will not be the same in August and December. This is why I recommend taking a look at your medicine cabinet, vanity, or wherever you keep your makeup and put those items aside. Instead of wearing anything heavy on your skin during the warmer months opt for getting a bit of color on your face (albeit with the help of a moisturizer with at least SPF 20) and using bronzers on the apples of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and light dusting on the forehead to give an extra sun kissed look and compliment the rest of your makeup. For eyes, a lot of the same eyeshadow colors can be used but the trick is to not use black eyeliner but soften everything up using a brown liner instead. Not only does brown  eyeliner let you create a perfect, bronze, smokey eye look but if you’re not ready change your makeup routine for the spring you can just apply that with some mascara for the eyes and voila, you’re done. Another great eyeshade trick for the sunnier days is to apply a light brown or gold shimmer to the brow bone. This will add a nice contrast to your liner and will help give your face dimension. It can also help to highlight your eyes if it’s one of your best features! To complete your everyday spring look your lips should be polished and have a slight iridescent pink gloss. There is a shade of pink to match every skin tone so it’s important to find one that gives you the slightest hint of color, has no glitter and works well with light so that it doesn’t look like an oil slick but healthy and moisturized lips. Remember ladies, spring is all about fresh beginnings and free of bulky items from your body as well as your face. Let your makeup routine be a part of your yearly seasonally transitions!  

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