Refresh your look and style

Refresh your look and style



Spring is the best season for changing your look and style. That does not mean that you need to change your overall look from the roots,outwards. Simple, small change would be welcome by everyone. There are many interesting little things that you can change on yourself and doing so, you will find yourself being surprisingly refreshed by it.  Here are few small tips that can have a big impact on you and your style for the coming warm months .


TIP: Create a new hairstyle for yourself

If you have been preparing yourself for a long time to do something with your hair, now is the perfect opportunity. You do not have to make a drastic, sudden change, unless you are prepared for such a step. Do something simple, but still be impressive. Try changing the colour of your hair, or lighting it up a bit. You can also see a good stylist and give him the green light for making you a great hairstyle, ensuring you that the final result will be phenomenal .        

TIP: Buy yourself one trendy piece of clothing

Most women are worried and afraid to spend money on any piece of clothing or accessory that is trendy, because they are not sure whether there is enough worth or value for  the price. This often refers to buying shoes. So, this time we encourage you to buy something unusual, but the piece should also not stand out too much from your style.

TIP : Buy yourself a new bra

Perhaps this piece of clothing is not part of what is visible for everyone’s eyes, but a new bra can make you feel and look a lot more refreshed than you think. If you are able, honour yourself with a bit of a luxurious lace bra to feel more elite, but be aware that you find one that suits you and also more importantly is the right size. Even better would be , if you can to combine it with a panties set in the same colour and design, WooHoo Ladies now we are talking lol        

TIP: Do not wear the things that you hate

Do you still have several pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, that you simply hate, but do not dare to throw them away ? Or even worse still, do you sometimes wear them? This spring you can turn a new leaf and finally get rid of all those things that you do not like, dispose all the unnecessary clothing that just make a mess in your already cluttered closets.      

TIP: Do not wear pieces of clothing that do not fit you

Almost every woman has a piece of clothing which does not fit her as good as it did before, but is still emotionally attached to it and occasionally combines it and tries to wear it. Sometimes, even those pieces may suit our style,  we just simply need to step out of the past and take that leap and start of getting rid of those old  things, This is 2012 ladies!  .    

TIP :  Try to walk more  frequently and shop

  The more often you walk and explore the local area, the more likely you are to find new and interesting shops, which will keep you updated with new trends and goings on and also who knows with the warm weather you may find yourself a few discounts or bargins. Gradually, after only a few outings to shopping you might buy a few pieces of clothing, make up and jewels. Eventually, you will be surprised how much you have refreshed your appearance.    

TIP: Try new things

Whether it is a new perfume, hair style, make up or anything of that kind, always attempt to experiment. Refreshing your look will never be complete if you fear daring to engage in the world of change. Attempt and experiment, but do not forget to always be yourself and enjoy the changes.     We hope that you find this article useful and interesting. Would love to hear you opinion .   Always keep up to date with the new content on Beauties Factory UK Blog. Follow us on twitter , or become a fan of our Facebook Page.   Visit our fan pages and start to interact, you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!     ~ Silvi    

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