Perfect Application of Lipstick

Perfect Application of Lipstick


Lipstick is one of the most popular allies of the female beauty. With its help, millions of women around the world finalise their appearance. I am quite sure that you will agree with me, that no make up is complete without a little colour on the lips.   But precisely because it is so often used, many women underestimate the procedure for its application. A poorly applied lipstick has more chance of  making you look dull, than helping you achieve that glamorous look we all yearn for. So, do not stop or miss out on reading how to properly highlight your lips with you lipstick of choice.


Lipstick can be a girl’s best friend , but you should know how to properly apply it.


5 Steps For Applying Lipstick :


  1. Exfoliation of the lips. As good as you are in applying lipstick, if your lips are cracked and wrinkled, you will not be satisfied with what you see in the mirror. Make yourself a home peeling and remove the dead cells . If you are in a hurry and do not have time to do an exfoliation routine, set aside 1-2 minutes after brushing your teeth, and brush gently your lips as well. That way you will get rid of unpleasant membrane and hopefully start to see a perfectly smooth set of lips.
  1. Soften your lips. Apply lip balm, Vaseline or hydrating cream. Apply it and wait 1-2 minutes before your gently remove it with a napkin. The skin of the lips will soften enough to be able to evenly spread the lipstick.
  1. Apply a base. An ideal base for lipstick is foundation. Take a small amount of foundation and apply it on your lips, then apply transparent powder or mineral powder. It is a little trick that will help your lipstick last longer, and will prevent unpleasant spillage.
  1. Draw the outlines. Before you put lipstick on, use a lip pencil to outline your lips, i.e. mark the area in which you will apply the lipstick. Use a pencil that has the same shade as the lipstick, or one shade darker. Some professional make up artists recommend the use of a lip pencil which is the same colour as the skin of the lips.
    How to flawlessly draw you lips?
  • Place the elbow of your hand on a stable surface to avoid incorrect drawing.
  • Using your lip pencil, mark 3 points in the middle of your upper lip, the area that has “V” shape ( two points on the highest parts of the lip and one on the bottom of the “V-th”) .
  • Connect the points and move from the middle to the ends of the lip. Do the drawing with short movements.
  • Also, carry out the same by drawing on the lower lip from the middle toward the edges.
  1. Fill with lipstick. To be more precise and not just switch lines that you have just drawn, use a brush to apply lipstick. Start the application from one and scroll to the other corner of the lips, and then back. Slightly open your mouth so you can apply lipstick in the corners. Although, some women prefer to apply lipstick with a finger, or directly.


The use of lipstick is not as naive as it seems. Here are some tips that will save you from embarrassing situations and will let you use the power of lipstick to the maximum effect:  
  • Glow makes lips look fuller. For more glamorous look, apply a gloss over lipstick.
  • In some situations, lipstick can serve as blush. The only thing you should make sure is not to apply it directly. First, drip between the tips of your fingers, then apply it on the face. But remember, blush can not serve as a lipstick.
  • Older women should not go with the look of matte lips. In any case, lip gloss will help you look younger.
  • Do not throw away the lipstick shades you do not like. Mixing two shades when doing your make-up will always help and it is good to experiment with different colours, Right?. Well, if you have two lipsticks that you do not like, you can create a third shade that will suit you perfectly.
  • Never apply tester lipstick from the store on your lips. When you buy a lipstick, try it on the inside of the palm, This way, you will avoid transferring germs.
  • Advice: If you want to avoid the dreaded transfer of your lipstick to the edge of the coffee cup, discreetly lick your lips before you drink.
  Hope this article was useful for you. Feel free to share your comments.                                  

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