Our top 5 suggestions for trendy evening eye make up :

We all know of the quote that the eyes are the window to the soul.. They are also indispensable part of the female beauty .

 They have the power to seduce and conquer, and used as one of the most powerful weapon of flirtation, as we all know that don’t we . .

The eyes have the ability to speak even in times and moments when you are silent.  So, it is no wonder that make up artists make the eyes the centre of their work and attention, so they can achieve that all conquering power for every woman .

Highlighting the beauty of the eyes, using make up is a daily task for the of the gentler sex.  A few precise strokes with an eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadows can magically transform your face.

  You can find the best make up look for you, through experimentation. So, reach out for your make up case and try some of these suggestions below and let us help prepare and advise you to achieve that all conquering look that is buried deep inside you:      
  1. Try “ Dramatic Smokey  look”
  Smoke up your look with brown and shades of brick. Earthen tones will contribute when trying emphasise the colour of your eyes, whether brown, green or blue.  Outline your eyes, using black or brown eye pencils that is not too sharp, so you can get “soft”thick lines.                      2.  “Purple up”your eyes  .   Purple make up is an absolute hit this season, and don’t worry as purple shadows match  up with every eye colour. These are two strong enough reasons for you to try capturing the seductive smokey eyes look with purple hues.  The interesting part in this make up is the look of the lower lid. Use a black eye pencil to draw the natural line of the lower eye lid and continue to outline a little more than the end of the outer corner of eye.  Leave a small “empty”area between the make up of the upper and lower eye lid ( like on the picture) . Do not forget to highlight the under brow area and around the inner corner of the eye , using  white eyeshadow.          
  1. “ Classy look “
  If you are not fan of dramatic make up, but still want something impressive, then choose the simple classic smokey eyes look . Put on the make up basis and apply a brown shade.  Apply eyeliner or eye pencil on your upper and lower eye lid , and then apply black eye shadow only on your lids. By using a small brush, blow the eyeshadow so that its intensity will diminish toward the edges of the eyelid.  Finish your look by highlighting the area under the brow with white shade, and apply a big amount of mascara.             4.  “ Queen look “   The golden make up always creates glamorous charm, and captures everybody’s attention. To achieve this look, use a sharp black pencil to draw the entire eye, thus making sharp corners of your eyes, creating the “cat” look. Apply lighter shades of gold in the inner corner of your eye and darker shades of brown in the external corner of your eye, making the “>” form .  Pass a few times with a make up brush, so the boundary between the gold and brown shades won’t notice.  Apply two coats of mascara on your upper and lower eye lashes.              
  1. “Turquoise beauty “
  If you have dark skin complexion, do not miss out trying this look on you, turquoise eye make up .  First, apply white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye and lower lid. Then, brush the entire upper lid with turquoise shade of eyeshadow. Draw with eyeliner ¾ of your upper lid and ½ of your lower lid.  Apply mascara.             These were the top 5 suggestions for your evening look . You have plenty of time trying,testing and experimenting till the weekend arrives.   Enjoy Ladies!          

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