New Year's Eve Preparations and Style Ideas

New Year's Eve Preparations and Style Ideas


New Year’s on the doorstep, and the celebrations that are to unfold are the themes of all conversations. Every woman wants to shine on New Year eve’s celebrations. Although clothing is very important, more important is your face, body, and of course your mood.


Use the day before the celebrations to prepare yourself for the longest and craziest night in the year


Good night sleep

To be able to keep up a good mood on New Year’s night and look fresh, you need to be rested. Use the night before to provide yourself a peaceful and deep night sleep. Tiredness and exhaustion are difficult to cover with make up.

Fresh and clean face

The appearance of the face is very important. Make yourself a small home treatment. Clean your face well and make yourself a home made face mask. If you have oily type face skin, the best masks are those clay based . For dry skin- masks with honey or essential oils.

  • Mask for oily skin: Mix one banana with one tablespoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon or orange juice. Let it set for 15 minutes, and then wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Mask for dry skin: Mix half an avocado with ¼ cup honey. Apply it on clean skin, and remove after 10 minutes.
  • Mask for normal skin: Simply put milk on cotton balls and apply on your face. After 10 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Smooth body

Do not wait until the afternoon for you to get started with the waxing ceremony. It is best to do this painful part of the preparation the day before or in the morning so that the skin has time to relax and recover. A Smooth body will help increase your confidence and feel sexy about yourself.


Manicure and pedicure

Although it is winter and your feet will probably be covered, it is not an excuse to neglect them. Give yourself a small feet massage. It will help you with the long hours of standing in high heels. Manicures should definitely not be missed. Beautiful well manicured hands are a mandatory part of the femine look.

Make up

Make up is an interesting part of the preparation. Your goal is to highlight the beautiful lines and conceal the defects. If you want to try some new look, you can check out older posts on our blog and you will definitely find a bunch of make up ideas that will be perfect for you. Although New Year’s Eve can be an occasion for a little make up experimenting, you should not exaggerate the look or with the make up. Basic TIPS: Put a little glow on your lips, and for your face use a powder with small particles to glow. To prevent lipstick easily disappearing from your lips, put a little powder on your lips before applying lipstick.



Longevity of perfume is particularly important for the longest night of the year. If you want your perfume to last longer, spray it on the joints of the hands. Before combing your hair, spray a little perfume on the comb that you are using. To save the aroma of perfume on yourself, before applying perfume on your neck, put a little of your favourite cream or body lotion, or body milk, with low body odour. It is no secret that perfume lasts longer when placed on oily surface.


If you choose an extremely short dress for the New Year’s Eve, then your neckline and arms shall remain covered. Short dresses are great for highlighting the beauty of your feet,  which your favourite high heels will also help, but the same to bare- looking is often  bordering with vulgarity. Short dresses with long sleeves are a great choice to highlight your sexuality.

You can also catch the holiday glamour with dress made of shiny material, but you should consider two things first: Make sure that the dress is a maximum two colours, and jewels should be reduced to minimum. If you choose dress’s made of dazzling details, then your shoes and purse should be made of ordinary material.

Special occasion dresses and designed fashion tights are not good idea ! Always wear your special occasion dresses with “meat”, beige or black colour tights. On some occasions, completely invisible design is permitted, but extreme lines or dots are not recommended in combination with a incandescent mini dress.

Another great idea for highlighting the beauty of your neck and shoulders is choosing a dress with corset. The corset should be made of solid material. If it is decorated with flashing details, do not wear extra jewels on your neck.



 1. Delicate velvet touch : A romantic velvet material will highlight your elegance and feminity, which is among the modern materials of the season and makes it even more popular. It perfectly match with the holiday atmosphere and will best draw your femine figure.         2. Trendy with little red dress: Red is among the most popular of colours, and it is the colour of the holiday spirit, the colour of love, and flirtyness. That should be enough for you to know that you will not have made the wrong choice if you choose red for the celebration night.  Through the red colour you will make an impression of a confident person that is not afraid to be centre of attention.           3. Classic little black dress: Not sure you want to be exposed to the attractive red colour? Then let your choice be a classic little black dress. It is always sexy and trendy, and never loses its charm and sophistication. The best is that in every case you can create a new look with the accessories. If you have a black dress from the last season that stands well on your figure, then top it up with new enhancements and you are ready for the new holiday season.           4. Black and White Male Inspiration Style : The clash of feminity and masculine style was the inspiration for top designers this season, so why not have it for your holiday season and New Year’s Eve? Eternal modern black and white combination is particularly topical this season and will give you a little more freedom to combine. If you opt for this combination, break the monotony of style with glittery shoes or accessories in gold or silver, or add some red detail. Let your trump cards be lipstick and your nail polish in red or an apricot colour, and express your feminity through hairstyle with large curls .       Whatever you choose to wear this New Years Eve we at Beauties Factory UK wish you a wonderful night and a fabulous start to 2012   HAPPY NEW YEAR XXXX                                  

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