Nail Art, Acrylic Nails, False Nails, Keeping Your Hands Looking Lovely

Not every woman is blessed with long and luxurious nails that can accept nail art it its best form. There was a time when the habit of wearing white gloves didn’t only hide rough hands, but kept jagged and broken nails out of sight as well.   Now we have a solution to problem nails that make your hands look feminine and beautiful to see and to touch. Acrylic nails have been on the market for some time now. They can make the worst looking fingernail into a thing of beauty. There are a number of lengths to choose from and when applied correctly, they can last weeks at a time needing only a quick fill where the nail has grown out.   False nails have become a boon to women. Those that used to hide their hands in shame are now eager to show them off. The only responsibility you have is to find a qualified and competent nail technician. Many learn how to apply acrylics but only the best techs will make them look just like your very own nail.   It is a process where powder and liquid are mixed to a paste consistency that is spread over the nail bed and beyond to the desired length. It hardens rather quickly so the nail tech needs to work at a steady pace to get the desired effect. The process usually begins with a manicure to soften the hands and is completed with the addition of polish and nail art if it is desired.             As for the term false nails, it can be applied to any fingernail that is not naturally grown but today it most often refers to nails that can be purchased and applied at home. They are not meant to take the place of acrylic nails because this type of nail is prone to falling off or not covering the existing nail properly. They can be purchased clear or already polished and emblazoned with nail art. If given the option, one is wiser to opt for the acrylic nails over false nails any day.               Acrylic nails, once applied, can have the color changed as often as you like. The same goes for anything you choose to have placed on the nail in the form of nail art. You may wish to be playful and go with dots and swirls, or remain more alluring with the addition of a single diamond.

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