Most Common Mistakes that We do while Beautifying ourselves

Most Common Mistakes that We do while Beautifying ourselves

Nowadays, women are flooded with beauty advice, and in that whirlwind of information it is easy to ignore some of the information that would be really useful and benefit us. In the course of our everyday process of beautifying, all the mistakes that we make and think that they do not harm us, actually they hinder us achieving that appealing look we are looking for. Below, you can read about some of the most common mistakes and tips on how to correct them .

Mistake No. 1: Applying conditioner on hair, from roots to tips :

Why is this a mistake? Conditioner is not a shampoo and should not be used in the same way. If you regularly put conditioner on your hair, the scalp will accrue ‘debris”  which will cause your hair to become flat and lifeless. Another problem is that your hair will soon become greasy and will become necessary to wash it more often, especially if you have soft long hair. Women with curly hair that use conditioner regularly, applying it from roots to tips, may notice that the curls lose their shape near the roots.

TIP: Apply conditioner only on the portion of hair below the level of  your ears. This way, you will save the desired volume, and obviously save some money.    

Mistake No. 2: Sharing make up with your friends:

Why is this a mistake? The answer is simple- with exchanging make up, there is huge possibility that you are also transferring bacteria and viruses. You should be especially defensively minded with regards to your mascara, eye pencils and lipsticks. If you let your friends borrow your make up, you will run the risk of transmitting any infections they have or you may have. Through your mascara or eye pencil, you can be infected with conjunctivitis or “pink eye”, which is manifested by turning the white part of the eye into red. Even if your friend does not have the symptom of “pink eye”, using her make up can still cause you unconsciously inflammation. Sharing lipstick with a friend who have herpes simplex virus can cause you to get the virus also. In this case, it is not necessary to have visible bubbles ot scabs on there lips so you will not notice the virus. Simply- Do not share make up!

TIP: You can share your secrets with your girlfriends, but as every dermatologist will tell you, you should never share your make up. If you are not able to reject your friend, and you have lent her some of your make up products, it is recommended at the first opportunity to “clear” it/clean it.  If it is eye pencil, sharpen it, and if it is eyeshadow or lipstick,  brush them using a clean napkin.      

Mistake No. 3: Putting perfume right before you go out.

Why a mistake? However you may be careful when putting perfuming on yourself, after you are completely dressed up, some of it will end up on your clothing. Not only can perfume leave marks on your clothes, but will also change its fragrance, and can become uncomfortable to smell. All perfumes are formulated to be sprayed on the skin and not on any fabric or clothing.

TIP: Before you put your clothes on, apply a bit of perfume on pulse points – wrists, behind your ears, and at the bottom of the neck. A key rule is not to rub the points of the wrists of one another after putting perfume on.      

Mistake No. 4: Applying powder when your hydrating cream is not dried yet:

Why is this a mistake? Applying powder on your face, when your cream is not dried yet can cause stains, because the powder will become more diluted, and even more intense for the face. Moreover, it can reduced the coverage that make up offers, and skin imperfections would become more visible.

TIP: After application of a hydrating cream, wait at least a minute before you put the powder on. If you really do not have time, take a thin layer of napkin and gently press to the face to absorb the cream, and then continue with the make up.      

Mistake No. 5:  We dome our eyebrows standing too close to the mirror.

Why is this a mistake? When you stand too close to the mirror, you concentrate on each hair separately, instead of concentrating to the full form of eyebrows. Well, as a result , it is likely to dome more than it is necessary.

TIP: While shaping your eyebrows, you should see the whole face, so you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows, to other facial features. Therefore, it is best not to do it in front of the mirror that increases of our image, but generally in front of regular mirror,set in a bright room. After taking every second hair off,  distance a bit from the mirror, to see your progress, and you can make corrections promptly.  

Hope this article was useful for you. Feel free to share your comments.

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