Mistakes that you cannot allow yourself to do while beautifying

Mistakes that you cannot allow yourself to do while beautifying

These are some mistakes we do whilst beautifying which are not allowed, so read this article and make sure that you do not do them.

The line between good taste and bad fashion taste is very thin.

Such as over detail, exaggerated changes and already being on the side that belongs in “not quite beautiful” bracket. Women try to make great effort about their appearance, for it only to be in vain with simple mistakes.

Wanting to be beautiful and trendy often causes us to become exaggerated. The following several tip are on how to avoid making the most common make up mistakes.

Keep reading and you will find about what we are taking about ..


Mistake No. 1 While beautifying: Foundation/Powder applied only on the face:

Make sure you don’t forget the neck when applying your foundation/powder.  Especially if the powder is different from your natural complexion. In that case, if you apply it only on the face, it will look like you have put a mask on, which is not a cool look.


Mistake No. 2 while beautifying: Visible, i.e. very noticeable line of the lip pencil:

Maybe you are one of the girls that want to draw the lips and it's good, because it gives volume and the correct shape of the lip, but it should not be a coloured so that it is darker than your lipstick so the difference then become to noticeable. You certainly do not want to look like a clown.

              Mistake No. 3 while beautifying: Applying too much Bronzer in the winter:   This is used most often in the summer when you want to add lustre to your skin, and you should not use it in winter or if you really want to, make sure you do not use it in large quantities so you look as baked and overdone.           Mistake No. 4 while beautifying: Public grooming/combing your hair or nail trimming:   We have nothing against your hair, it always should be rearranged or fix during the day. But only do it for you, when no one can see you, for example in the toilet. If you accidentally break one of your nails, and you got to fix it, make sure you do it behind closed doors, it is not polite to do it in front of bunch of people, again an uncool look               Mistake No. 5 while beautifying: destroyed manicure:   This mistake you can not afford. If you have overdue agreed, but you must make your nails look nice. No one should see your nails in a poor state. Remember, as the eyes are window of the soul, nails are pointers of your personality.                 Mistake No. 6 while beautifying: Too long artificial nails:   Medium length nicely shaped nails are always feminine, but these long tips or artificial nails do not suit all people, and believe me men are not big fan of them either.               Mistake No. 7 while beautifying: Combining strong/dark eyeshadows and strong/dark lipstick   . Strong eye make up on the eyes and lips as well will make you look like a clown. If you have decided to put red lipstick, apply gentle  make up on eyes. You can even just apply mascara. And if you choose to make the “smokey eyes” look on your eyes, then choose some gentle shade of lipstick, like nude or peach shade, or you can just apply some soft colour lip gloss.    

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