Makeup trends - autumn / winter 2012

Makeup trends - autumn / winter 2012/2013




Make-up for the warm season that we are saying goodbye to was a refreshing interpretation of romance - natural look and delicate shades were attractive and acceptable trend. But the season autumn / winter restores facial dramatics.

Lips will fight or for glamorous red or classic "invisible" look, while eyes will attract attention under thick eyebrows, defined lashes and striking, unusual make up on eyelids.

Keep reading to discover the next seasons trends in make up ...

                  Trend No. 1 : Mysterious and fatal dark lips Colour your lips with lipstick in the colour of Burgundy. Purples and maroon shades that are associated with the appearance of fatal woman real bait looks. Bravely decided to take advantage of these dark shades? Then combine with a gentle almost invisible eye makeup.                        

Trend No. 2 : View of the colours of  a peacock

Extravagant peacock's tail has to be inspiration for applying make up on eyelids. Charm dark green emerald, dark blue shades with purple glare will enchants without spare anyone.

The only  thing you need to do to look different is to flow shades smoothly one into another, without visible boundaries. The best is that this exotic combination adjusts to different eye colours.

                    Trend No. 3 : Classic red kiss   Like it or not, you will not be able to avoid the hot red lipstick. Surely at least one will succumb to the temptation to test its magnetic attraction.   Winning combination no. 1: Minimal eye makeup and blood red shade lipstick on your lips.   Winning combination no. 2: Golden-Brown "smokey eye" plus hot red lips.                         Trend No. 4 : Defined lashes Mascara is the key makeup product without which you can not spend the cold season. Your eyelashes need support more than ever before to look irresistible.   You can miss to apply shadow and lipstick, but not to put mascara. Apply two coats for impressive looks. Artificial eyelashes are no longer a luxury, so it's worth to try everything they can do for your face.                        

Trend No. 5 : Invisible lips

Mask your lips with lipstick colour close to your skin. Bare "invisible" eye lips allow them to come to the fore, whether you bet shine or not.

Combine them with a strong eye makeup for an evening look or with a soft beige or white shade to shine into the daylight.


  Trend No. 6 : Rosy cheeks

Do not mourn for the summer days, and do not sticking firmly with the bronze blush. Take some red or pink blush, and give it a chance to conquer your cheeks.

You will definitely  look cute with a fresh youthful glow that will give pink cheeks, because it looks so natural, just like when you are exposed to the cold northern breeze.


Trend No. 7 : Colourful "smoky" look

No, no, forget the standard black and grey "smoky" look. New trends require confidence, require courage. So, point your shadow brush to purple, brown, dark green, ink blue and dark orange shades.

Favour shadows with dazzling particles before the shadows with a matte finish.

                                                         Trend No. 8 : Thick eyebrows  

Overweight precisely shaped eyebrows for several seasons promote natural look. While all models hold a weight loss diet, their eyebrows treatment for obesity.

Leave the tweezers and let the eyebrows become a distinctive feature of your face. However, this does not mean to leave uncombed and restless. Tamed them with a small brush (if needed sprayed with hair spray), and fill in the gaps with a pencil in the proper colour.


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