Makeup according to the shape of the face

Makeup according to the shape of the face



If the shape of your face reminiscent that of the oval, much like Jessica Alba, then you have complete freedom to experiment with makeup.

The selection of makeup and its proper application have magical powers to highlight the beautiful features of your face and make disadvantages  much less visible. You are just a few steps away from  the desired harmonious look of your face.

Want to turn your face into perfection just in a few moves?

Here are tips on how to make no mistake while applying make up according to your face shape.

First of all determine the shape of your face

The form of your face dictates the selection of makeup and manner of its application. To avoid being a victim of the undesirable effects of applying make up, determine the shape of your face, then read this article to learn about the perfect application and also remember this for all your ideal makeup tips.

Fold your hair from the forehead and follow the line of hair growth to the line where the chin ends. Look at the reflection of your face in the mirror compare this to a geometrical figure. Perhaps it is round, oval, square / rectangle or triangle / heart etc?

Following the example of celebrities and their shape of face, select the appropriate makeup and learn how to properly apply:


Heart-Shaped Face


  For example , Riz Viderspun has a heart-shaped face that is characteristic with broad forehead and long and sharp shape of the chin To make these flaws less visible, emphasise your lips with pink or red hues. Choose blush with a matte texture and avoid bronzers. Do not use eye shadows that has a oily texture which will hamper the look of your eyes.      

Round  Shaped Face

Kristen Dans has rounded shape of face. For such a person it is recommended a "smokey" look of the eyes and bronzer that should be applied in a vertical direction on the cheeks.      

Square / Rectangle Shaped Face

  Diana Kreger has sharp angles on the face. If you have similar face shape, you will ease them using a cream blush in a soft shade. For this form of entity, it is recommended to use gentle blush in pink or peach shade that will apply to upper apples on the cheeks. Avoid sharp lines when applying make up on the eyes and replace the lipstick with lip gloss.    

Oval Shaped Face


  If the shape of your face reminiscent of the oval, much like Jessica Alba, then you have complete freedom to experiment with makeup. Apply blush through the cheeks, and outline the lips with lip pencil before applying lipstick or lip gloss to emphasise them. Also, you have complete freedom when applying eye shadows. Perfectly fits applying bright shade under the eyebrows and darker at the outer corners of the eyelids.      

Main rule when applying make up is not to exaggerate the amount of makeup. Gentle makeup  look  will  always do the trick, looking naturally beautiful and IN . Using an excessive amount of makeup on the face, does not look appealing, and also can adds years to your appearance.

Another error in applying make up may be an inadequate shade of powder. Make up experts are unanimous that too bright shade of powder from your skin shade gives you an unhealthy looking skin, while too dark makes you older.

Moderation is the basic principle that should be taken in the process of beautifying your face no matter what face shape you have. Enjoy and be beautiful for any occasion!


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