Make Your Spring 2013 A Blast – Know What’s Hot and What’s Not

With the cold and snow that have been experienced for the past few weeks, everyone is now looking forward to the spring season where things will start rejuvenate and bloom all over again. So, to gear you up for this coming season, you need to know all the newest trends which are foreseen to be a massive force in the colorful world of makeup this 2013. Skin  The ladies’ skin is definitely going to glow even brighter this year. The catwalks are expected to be glittering more than ever, with all the models looking vibrant and fresh.   The finest way in order to attain this kind of look is by making use of light reflecting powders, foundations and primers that can catch every ray of light and shine this off your very own skin.   This kind of makeup is bound to make you younger looking and more rejuvenated but just make sure that you will not look oily instead of glowing. One thing that you can do is to use the light reflective primer than cover this up with liquid foundation which can dull its effect for a bit.       Eyeliners You can see them almost everywhere and in fact, every passing season, they seem to become more in demand among the ladies. This spring 2013 has not been exempted, with the makeup artists being more than happy to experiment on their models. Out of all the options, there are two looks which seemed to outshine the rest, which include the tight yet smudged whole eye outline and the flicked-up line. These two can both be used for any special occasion, yet for your everyday look, you might want to stick to the smudged outline which is classier and more elegant looking during day time, as long as you ensure that you keep the smudge to the minimum to avoid getting panda eyes.     Eye Shadows Blue and green eye gammas of eye shadows seem to be the real thing this spring season and you will surely read some write-ups that any if not all of the colors that belong to these palettes can be chosen, based on the look that you want to achieve. When going clubbing, go for the brightest versions, while the subtle ones will be perfect for work.   Apply some matter for your day to day look, with the metallic style suitable at nighttime.   Basically, just about anything can perfectly go with blue or green but make sure that you will not be wearing the two shades simultaneously, always keep the two of them separate.       Lipsticks This spring, red spectrum lipsticks are the trendsetters, with some accent on crimson and scarlet shades. An all-time classic as far as the lipstick department is concerned, red never seems to go outdated and you can expect to see this on the catwalks this coming season.   You will also see a lot of models wearing some touch of orange, which then makes red almost like a “femme fatale.” Should you fail to find something from the red gamma that will suit you, just go for whatever you like but make sure that everything will be kept in matte instead of covering it with a shiny lip gloss. In the end, having a glowing skin is already more than enough.       If you are as excited for this coming spring, make sure that you follow these tips and glow in your very own way under the sun.

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