Make up without flaw

Make up without flaw

  The appearance of a porcelain doll was the main characteristic of 18th century noble lady,its popularity is no less topical today. The main characteristic of this look is equal white complexion, rosy apples, gentle and delicate shades for eyes, lashes and lips in intense colour.     Since the appearance of a porcelain doll , women have become obsessed with its perfection. This kind of make up gives a theatrical look, and it is associated with the models from the fashion runways of Milan, Paris, New York and London. But, you do not have to buy glossy shadows to shine, the work is so much simpler than that.       EXFOLIATE your face with a mask or lotion with granules to remove dead cells. Whilst achieving smooth skin, you will have no problem with the smooth application of your make up .     HYDRATE your face to look fresh and rejuvenated. After cleaning, the skin will be best fed with cream. It is necessary to apply it ASAP because it prevents the drying of the skin.       CORRECT stains, redness, and  pimples on the face with a concealer, do not put on the whole face, but only under eyes (eye bags), and directly on stains on the face. This way you will get  the perfect look, as sometimes using only foundation can not do this piece of  miracle work a congealer can.     POWDER your face with powder that has the same or almost the same colour as your natural complexion. Powder is the most important segment for this type of make up. That means that either you have to keep a natural tan or buy a lighter powder, since darker does not suit well with this combination.          

You will also need:

  WHITE PENCIL- You must use this in the inner part of the eye, so your eyes will look fresh, wide and more open. You will get an innocent look that others can not resist. If you prefer you can apply it not only to the inner part of eye, but also on the eyelid.       FALSE EYELASHES are great for achieving the ‘Porcelain look’ With them, your eyes will be undoubtedly more prominent, and you do not have to bother applying several lots of mascara on your lashes, and still not achieving the wanted look.     LIP PENCIL will help your lips to look thicker and sexy. But you have to look at the lip line not to be obviously passed, so cover it with a distinctive matte- gloss or lipstick in a ‘meat’ shade.  Given that the make up look is discreet, you are allowed to put on lipstick with an intense colour.       PINK BLUSH is what makes this look so different from all other looks that are out there. Apply a small layer on your cheeks, to gently pour and preserve the natural look. This ‘light’make up will make you far more attractive than the usual make up “black eye pencil “look.                

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