Make up Tricks that Every Girl Should Know

Make up Tricks that Every Girl Should Know


We all know that make up can conceal, but also it can highlight your shortcomings, so in this article you will find tricks and tips that will help you use the make up in you bag correctly. We hope this article will help you understand how to highlight and make your eyes seductive, steal someone’s look from glamour events on the red carpet, give glow to your face and attract as much attention possible. The right make up tricks can do miracles in your appearance.

  • Flirt with your eyes – There are three main aspects of seductive eyes:
    First : Using fresh and juicy tones – The first way of achieving seductive eyes is making your eyes appear gentle and sweet with fresh and juicy tones, and for the best effect , we recommend using matte eye shadows . As a basis apply matte white shadow on the surface of the eyelid up to the eyebrows, but be careful not to to go too far left or right from the surface of the eyelids. Then, choose a soft pink matte shadow to apply it to the ending half of the eyelid. Then apply a thin layer of eyeliner and finish the look with one layer of mascara to achieve that soft and natural look.   Second:  Feminine and seductive glance – The best way of achieving an intense and seductive look is with the technique “smokey eyes”,  this is used for the evening make up look.  Begin by applying light mineral concealer to prepare your eyes for the following make up. Then use an eye pencil to draw lines around your eyes, on the lower and upper lid from the outside. If your eyes are big, take the freedom to apply the eye pencil from the one to other corner of the eyes,  making full lines around them,  if your eyes are small and petty apply the eye pencil starting from the middle section under the eyes, extending up to the top lid. This look is commonly achieved by applying three shades of shadows, for the next step you will need to take the darkest shade you plan on using and apply it with a thin sponge over the highlighted part where your eye pencil line is. The other two shades you should apply as you do usually. This kind of eye make up certainly turns attention to your eyes, so you should make sure not to use strong and striking shades of lipstick.     Third: The magic of the eyelashes – Maximum highlight of your eyelashes , but also be careful not to exaggerate and achieve the opposite effect. Apply mascara on the lower and upper eyelashes, using volume mascara and apply more than one layer, then use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. For more intense look you can apply a black or bronze pencil around the eyes, but not in thick layers.  
  • Steal looks from the red carpet – Wear intense and striking shades and of course, be confident.
  First: Lipstick in intense shade – Start by applying lip pencil on the ending of the lips, to prepare them for the following lipstick, and also make them more impressive . Then apply the lip pencil  on the surface of the lips, but be aware , it should not be darker shade than the lipstick that you will apply later. After you finish with drawing the lips, apply the lipstick, but forget about all that soft shades- choose hot red or intense dark brown. What matters is not the size of your lips, but the your self-esteem is most important , whenever you step out out do it with confidence – that looks is HOT  HOT HOT !     Second: Dramatic view – Certainly you should avoid using this make up look for the day, but at night show all your femininity through this glamour look. Take a pair of artificial lashes , and apply to your eyes, using a champagne soft shade of eye shadow as a basis on your eyes, that will make the best effect for the appearance with false eyelashes. In a case you do not know how to apply false eyelashes, read this article: http://beautiesfactory.co.uk/blog/2011/07/how-to-apply-false-eyelashes/     Third: Pastel colours – Choose a pastel coloured lipstick with a creamy texture, with a distinct orange or pink shades that will look different and very striking. This way you are drawing attention to your lips, and do not necessarily need to apply striking colours of eye shadows on your eyes. This look is fresh, and also glamorous.  
  • Applying blush – How much is enough and when is too much ?
  First:  First thing you need to know when applying blush is whether you use the proper tool – Brush  with natural or synthetic fibres, rounded or cube edges? Rounded brushes are perfect for applying powdered blush. Ensure that the brush is symmetric with your cheek to make sure that you do not apply too much.   Second: Choose what kind of blush will you use – powder, gel, cream, liquid, or mousse. Powder blush is easiest to apply and longest lasting. If you have spots and pores on the face, avoid using liquid or gel- blush. You can experiment with cream blush and gel blush, unless you have oily type of skin. And, about picking the hue, if you have light skin, you will look great with soft hues of pink and peach colour. Average light tan go with blushers in shades of honey or caramel to coral red, and dark tan go with a more intense shades of orange to hot pink.     Third: The main step in applying blush is to know where exactly and how much to apply. For a more intense evening look, if you are using red shades of blush, smile and apply it to the cheek bones that will highlight your smile. If you are using pink shades, to accentuate the beautiful lines of your face, apply it under the cheek bones. You should never go below the line of your nose.   Fourth: Avoid the look of clown- With negligence everyone can easily look ridiculous. Be careful because the addition is always easier than subtraction. You will know that you have gone too far, when you end up looking like someone hit you with a hot pan in the face. Rather than cleaning your face and start everything from scratch, carefully apply powder to the place where you have gone too far with blush, to “soften up” the colour.           For any products you will need for your beautifying process, you can find it on our main site http://www.beautiesfactory.co.uk/.   Hope you found this article useful. Feel free to share your comments.   Always keep up to date with the new content on Beauties Factory UK Blog. Follow us on twitter  or become a fan of our Facebook Page. Look forward to speaking to you soon   Love Silvi  x x x                                

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