Make up Tricks for Optical Illusion

It’s 21 century and I guess that this time, the mediums, celebrities, Hollywood, and all the other technology rising are having a HUGE effect on our every-day routine taking it to a whole different level. Make up has became an inevitable part of every women’s daily routine, and is very much a necesacity. Even the youngest girls in secondary school’s up and down the country are starting to show a real  huge interest in using Make up and beauty products.   Everyone is familiar with Make up and all the products.. the uses of the products,I am not going to talk about how to regular apply make up, like we all don’t know.lol   I am going to reveal the secrets for  making professional optical illusions, while using make up, and also using make up to expose or hide some of the better or worse parts of your face. Just follow this easy tricks and you will always look like you have a professional make up artist putting your make up on daily.   1.Quailty Tools and Implements : You must get yourself the correct professional instruments for the task i.e the right tool for the right job, these will help you achieve the perfect look, A QUAILTY set of makeup brushes ARE A MUST . This is very important, because you may have the most quality make up products, but if you don’t use the best instrument for applying them on your face, you are wasting you time.   2. Foundation. The most important thing you should know about foundation is the amount you will use on your face. You should be aware that your skin will absorb a small amount of your foundation a short time after you apply it. So, too much is not good, and too little it is not going to be noticed. Another thing about foundation, make sure that it matches perfectly with your skin type and colour. 3.  Face powder. A highly used product especially in the summer time. If you have oily type of face, this product will help you hide the “wet” look off your face. If you want to make your nose appear thinner, then just apply lighter powder on the bridge of your nose. If you want to achieve the appearance of shorter nose , then just apply darken powder on the tip of your nose. 4. Blush. Blush is always a MUST while putting make up. The only thing better than Blush in summer time is Bronzer. It is very important to know the shape of your face, and using this product, you can achieve optical illusion of a longer, or wider shaped face. Beside that illusion, bronzer, can create the optical illusion of brighter eyes and whiter teeth.  If you apply bronzer around the centre of your face, then you will create optical illusion of slimmer and longer face. If you use bronzer near your ears and away from your nose, then you will achieve the illusion of a wider face.     5. Eyeliner. You should definitely be aware of the shape of your eyes, before using eyeliner. Applying eyeliner to the up lash line of your eyes, will create optical illusion of wider, bigger eyes. If you have thick,  “half closed” eyes, then you should certainly avoid using eyeliner under your eyes, because making this line on the inside corner of your bottom lash line, will create illusion of smaller eyes.  There is no way for you to make any mistake if you use black eyeliner on the upper lash line and on half way to the end of your lashes on the bottom of your eye. This will create look of big and very sensational eyes.

6.  Lip pencil Using lip pencil and lipgloss you can create optical illusion of fuller, bigger lips.  If you are using lip pencil, make sure it is the same color as your lipstick. To create illusion of fuller lips, just apply the pencil in the V corners of your lips, not on the full line of your lips, like you always do..  Apply lipgloss only in the middle of your lips. Just on the bottom lip. This will create the effect of fuller lips.         I hope that these tips will come in handy and if anyone has any to add then please feel free to post them on.   Author: Silvija J.

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