Make up trends for this season

Make up trends for this season


This is the season for experimenting with your look, so you can add a freshness to your look with eyeshadows in the shades of lemon, A ginger glow on the cheeks and soft lipstick in the colour of your lips. Naturally and strangely, it is the right formula for trendy make up !  
  1. Bright red or orange lips :
Red and orange lips look like a new trend this season thanks to a huge dose of shine , which creates visually full lips. So choose lipsticks that offers the most glow or  have a proper lipgloss to coat your lips with .   TIP: Glossy products are a bit tricky, and can easily make the so-called effect of ‘bleeding lips’. So to avoid this disaster, make sure to apply lip pencil on your lips, before applying the lipstick, of course-  in the same shade as the lipstick.                             2. Purple eyeshadow Yes, this is a purple shade, but it is cool, An exotic shade of purple orchids.   Choose matte eyeshadow, and apply it on the eyelids. Add a thin line of black eyeliner on the upper eyelid and put several coats of mascara, forgetting the lower eyelashes.   TIP: Since this is a striking shade,you  must cover your under eye bags with a good concealer.                                                    3.   Eyeshadows in lemon- orange shades Choose eyeshadow as following: yellow, orange or green shade of lemon- the choice is up to you. Just choose a matte shade and avoid the glare.     Apply it gently, using a large soft make up brush,  applying it from the lashes upwards.  Wearing this kind of bright eye make up is the most feminine type of make up approach this spring.                                                                                                                                          Complete your look with applying lipstick in a shade close to your natural lip colour.     4.   Blue madness The best thing with  this year’s blue madness make up trend is that it is bright, cheerful and can be applied in different ways .   If you choose to use blue eyeliner, follow only the upper lashes and put a lot of mascara on your eyelashes. If you want to wear this colour in the form of eyeshadow, apply it from lashes up and cross the edges with a clear make up brush to illuminate the colour. To create a visible internal line, apply black eyeliner following the line of your eyelashes .                                                                                                             5.   Coral cheeks and lips The coral is fresher this season, which is a good new look- it gives your cheeks and lips a healthy and natural glow. The more your skin is oily and shiney, the more you should avoid coral shades that are too pinkish, and if your skin naturally has a yellow tint, opt for more pink shade and less orange.        6.   Bronze eyes   Do not worry, this is not the old- fashioned bronze shade,  but bright orange- brown shade with lots of shine, which will definitely be a perfect suit for each and every person.   After you apply the eyeshadow on your eyes, complete the look by applying black eyeliner and mascara, or apply black shadow on the outer edges of the eyelids for creating that ‘smokey eyes’ look .   And, do not forget the bronzer , heat up the look of your skin by applying bronzer, by wearing this kind of make up on your eyes, you could make your skin  look pale.                                  7.   Ginger shine There are not many colours that you can wear all over your face without looking ridiculous, but warm lustrous grey-brown shades are one that you can wear. Apply them like you desire- on the eyes, cheeks and lips. TIP: Women with darker skin should choose a brown shades with a little hint of red glow.    

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