Make up tips for summer

The sun is finally out, the chill  is gone from the air, time to relax and enjoy, kids are off from school, grown ups can take a holiday, it is time to take a well earned holiday and head for the beach .  Thousands of people share this idea, right?   Anyway, the sun could be a really big threat  for your skin, and women needs- make up. Summer is full of joy, - but melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and super -sticky lipstick are not among them. When it comes  to summer make up , often less is better than more. Here are some summer make up tips that will help you look gorgeous all the time, and make applying your make up to be as simple as putting on  your beach slippers .  
  1. It’s guite often in the summer time to get  red shiny face, regarding the sun . To avoid this not so attractive look, make sure to use foundation that matches your skin color and concealer on the right places. Most women, use different foundation , during the winter, and summer, because your skin is darken in the summer time . Concealer is must in this days . So after you put concealer around your eyes ( the skin is usually darken here), make sure to apply a bit  around your mouth also . After that, apply your foundation on your face and a little bit on your neck . Then is tame for your face powder. That will make sure that your skin is dry all the time during your exposure to sun
  1. Take your bronzer of the make up case and let the party begin ! Bronzer is one of the most used make up during the summer time . It is definitely true that bronzer does make your eyes look brighter and your teeth whiter. It workes for everyone. Just pick the color that matches best for you, and apply it softly on your forehead ,  cheekbones, chin and nose.
  1. Now is perfect time to play up with your make up palette, and try out vibrant color that was not touched all winter. It’s summer time,  time to shine and  mix some bright colors – pink, blue, green. ..  Mix colors and shades, and enjoy playing with your eyeshadows, there is no way you could do something wrong ! Actually this summer trend is BRIGHT EYES !
  1. Time for waterproof make up ! I am sure that no one likes the look of mascara melted under eyes. So , apply a waterproof version of your favourite mascara on your lashes, over regular mascara, to boost its staying power.
  1. There is nothing that can make your eyes pop and look  alive at the summer time, and avoid the look of sliding eyeliner- like waterproof eyeliner ! One more of this year summer trends is Colored waterproof eyeliner! So , this summer is all about playing with colors and enjoying the summer without the fear of “wet” face .
  1. Here is one trick that would keep you safe from the “sticky lips” effect during summer time.   Before applying your lipstick, or lipgloss, make sure you apply a bit of foundation on your lips. Just a little bit , and wait for a couple of minutes to absorb. After that you are good to use your lip pencil, lipstick or lipgloss.
  1.  The most important summer tip : HAVE FUN!
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