Make Up For Winter Weather

The age old advice for applying make up, has always been less is more on an everyday occurrence, but there are special occasions when you might want to learn special make up tips that will make you look your best.

During the winter months our skin can become dry and our mascara can run. To try and prevent these problems you can always learn what make up to use for winter weather. There are a lot of great make up's for winter weather on the market today, Just checkout the colours we have on the main site for some ideas and inspiration. There is waterproof mascara and there are lots of foundations that contain moisturizer for your skin. There are even shades of blush, mascara, bronzers, and eye shadow that look the best during those cool winter months.

Applying make up for winter will be a little different than applying make up for spring or summers. Most people feel that they are pasty and need to make themselves look a shade or two darker using different bronzers and foundations, but this is a make up tips no no. In the winter it is very important to keep your skin looking healthy and not dry. Also skin tends to become red from those winter winds. Trying to combat red or blotchy skin can be difficult but a powder with light reflectors will even out your skin tones. A product called Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder is one product that can really help your dry and blotchy skin,This is one I personally use.

Your lips are also something to protect in the winter. A lot of people get really dry cracked lips that are difficult to make look great. If you apply just a chapstick you will not get any of the color you are looking for and if you apply a lip stick you might see all of those cracks. Appling a lip stain will allow you to get the color that you want, but it will blend with your natural color so no one will noticed your dry lips. Jemma Kidd Colour Adapt Gloss is a really great find.









Applying make up to your eyes in the winter is a little different than in the summer. If it is snowing out your eye shadow might smudge and run. A great make up tips is to apply a charcoal or brown eye liner to your lashes.





Eye liner is a little thicker than eye shadow making it less likely to wear away. Applying it to your lashes will give your eyes the definition that you need to make your eyes the focal point.





I hope you found this post useful and of some use for the remaining winter months and always remember summer is only just around the corner

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