Make up for Brown Eyes

Make up for Brown Eyes



Do you know exactly the best way to highlight your eye colour with make up?, Even if you have brown eyes these too can be made to look quite unique.   Although the majority of the population has brown eyes, that does not mean they can not be equally unique and impressive as blue or green. With just a few little tricks with make up, you can make all the attention that you want to be directed to your eyes.   You should know what eye shadow to select and the shade that matches the colour of mascara along with how the same colours highlight your eyes, as you are looking to achieve that gorgeous seductive glance. In the following article you will find out what kind of  make up products are your best friends in highlighting your eyes. SO, keep reading..  

Product No. 1 best for brown eyes : Bright blue eyeshadow:


Brown Eye colour in itself can contain a mixture of all the other colours, so it offers the most options when it comes to its highlighting. Collar blue shade, if you use just to draw the edge of the eye, to give freshness and depth to your look, but do not exaggerate the application of this shade. Give it a try and you will notice the change.


Product No. 2 best for brown eyes : Purple mascara:

Purple mascara best highlights brown eyes that have chestnut tint. Such eyes already have different colours so you do not need dramatic shadow striking contrast. Purple tint will also make your mascara maybe look brighter than usual.


Product No. 3 best for brown eyes : Green- gold eyeshadow:

If you want your eyes to look like dark green, then if you choose any variant of the green shade you decide, you will not make a mistake. Green golden shades should be used in all varieties and do not be afraid to experiment, you can not go wrong with this choice. Your brown eyes simply adore this shade, trust me!


Product No. 4 best for brown eyes : Copper shade eyeshadow:

With this eye shadow you will give warmth to your look. Use this eye shadow at the edges of the lid, it will highlight your eye colour, and is perfect for summer days, when the skin is slightly darkened.


Product No. 5 best for brown eyes : Dark blue eye shadow and eye pencil in the same colour:


Use these shades for daily make up. They create good contrast, not visually closing your eyes as the black shadow could. You can use an eye pencil in dark blue colour to create the seductive “cat eyes” appearance, and it still does not seem intrusive as it could be with black eyeliner.


Product No. 6 best for brown eyes : Golden shadow:

Even the smallest use of this shadow makes your eyes shine and highlights to the maximum. Golden shade simply makes your brown eyes shining, so whenever you will not know how to made-up, put a little golden shadow powder, brown pencil and already have a seductive glance.


Hope you find this article useful.

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