Looking Fresh for the Upcoming Spring Season

Spring is right around the corner and with the fresh new weather you should find the fresh new styles to bring in a fun filled summer.           A common misconception is that fashion and a spring makeover just entails clothing, but this is not the case. If you are looking to look fresh for the spring season you are going to need to take a look at the different trends. There are trends in the spring clothing, trends in the spring makeup, and trends in the nail art designs for spring. To find the most fashionable spring clothing you might want to browse the internet to see the latest trends with the stars and the fashion experts. Lace is the big trend in the 2013 spring clothing lines. There are shirts, skirts, and camisoles that are all created with a very pretty lace, in color schemes that make you think spring.       Nail art is another really big trend this spring. Most fashion experts tell young women that their nail art designs for spring need to match the clothing that they are wearing. For example if a girl is wearing a silver sweater she might want to paint her nails to match her sweater or her shoes.  A lot of the nail art designs for spring are created with more than one colour and again they are colours that will match their shoes or their sweater/shirt. If you are thinking of getting some of the popular nail art designs for spring, but find you do not have the cash, you can always try to find different web tutorials on how to create the nail art designs for spring.       Spring make up is the final step to completing a spring clothing look. There was a few spring make up trends created during fashion week that gave everyone an understanding of what to look forward to this spring. One of the biggest make up trends was going bare, which means a lot of the women were sent out on the runway with little to no make up. The make up that was applied was in neutral colours and many of the women even wore lip colour that was considered matte lip colour that had little to no colour and did not have a shine. The one part of the face that was accentuated was their eyes. All of the other make-up applied in neutral colors to allow the make up on their eyes to stand out. Remember: Spring is a time for sunshine, flowers and glorious colours be them neutral and bare or loud and proud. It’s also a time for you to do the same with your makeup and outfit. So dare to be different and bold as spring doesn't last forever!

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