Ideas for a seductive look

Ideas for a seductive look


It is proven that the look completes most of the seduction, so be careful with the make up that you wear it will make you stand out.

Long, luxurious eyelashes, precise line of eyeliner, and mysterious blend of shades are the best choice for seducing with one blink of an eye.

Here are some ideas and tips to help create the seductive look!

  1. Pastel tenderness

Shadows in neutral shades are an excellent basis for precise inflicted black lines with eyeliner. Apply the cream shades over the entire eyelid, and using a thin brush and white eyeshadow draw out the whole of the eye.

Draw the internal angles with a black eye pencil, and the upper part of the eyelid with a black eyeliner. Finish with two coats of mascara.

  1. Smokey Eyes

Create the smokey eyes look using three different shades of grey eyeshadow. Make sure to blend the shades well so it is not visible, or showing any precise borders, and finally the darker shade is to be on the outer corner of the eye.

Also, make a contrast with a bright shade. Mixing of the three shades of eyeshadows, is enough for smokey seductive eyes, but if you want to make them more intriguing, you must make a contrast. On the eye bone, just below the eyebrows, apply a light shade which contains silvery or gold particles ( the best would be white or beige shades) . Shades that are recommended should be allowed to shine, so the lines of the eyes would best be highlighted.

  1. Impressive mystery

If you want an original look for the make up on your eyes, choose eyeshadows in creamy structure and striking colour. A similar effect can be achieved with a thick coloured pencil, which after applying you would smear using an applicator.

Decide on a striking green, purple or tint blue, and finally draw the inner corners with a white pencil that will visually make your eyes more open. Do not forget about the mascara on the lashes.

  1. Cat’s Eyes

Are you stuck in the routine of using neutral colours all the time, and want to try something new? Are you looking for fun and want to achieve urban style?

Steal the inspiration from the 60’s and accept the idea that a coloured eye pencil around the eyes is the right thing for you.

Look for ideas that famous celebrities use, from brightest red to richest turquoise eyeshadows , eye pencils, and powders to create the most inspiring cat’s eyes.

If you have green eyes, and looking for a courageous, new, inspiring look, try using red eyeshadow or a red eye pencil,  drawing a line that moves around the eye, a strong line that goes a bit outside of the ending of the eye.

If you have brown eyes, turquoise blue, green and purple, even grey shades are perfect for you. Try the same method, experiment, have fun and there is no chance that you will not be noticed.

                                                                                                          Tips for Perfect Eye Make up Look :

  •     Black eye pencil with greasy texture is perfect for blue eyes. Once you have applied it, smear it using a thin make up brush or make up applicator.
  •    For extremely seductive look, highlight only the outside corners of your eyes. For this purpose use black or brown eyeliner to draw out a precise arrows.
  •   The choice of red, orange or maroon shade is great for your evening make up look, especially for blue eyes. Define the eyes with black eye pencil and mascara in black.
  •   Whether is summer or winter, make up should always be protected with a SPF factor. That way you can slow down the ageing process and help prevent those dreaded wrinkles.

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