Make up gives us an opportunity to enhance our best features on our face. The type of make up that can add more accent of our look is Shimmery Make up.   Shimmer make up is generally designed to create a glamorous look that can range from subtle glow to dramatic eye catching. Essentially, shimmer is an illuminating make up that works like a high lighter to enhance your face and features. There are different types of shimmery make up for every purpose.  
  1. Shimmer for face.
This kind of shimmer will add a youthful and gorgeous look to your face. It works similar like bronze, making any complexion look fresh and glowing. Most shimmers come in shape of cream, powder, or liquid, similar like foundation, so you could apply it with your fingers, or blush, depending of the type.  Shimmer can literally be applied anywhere on the face, however you can apply some of it to various parts such as your neck, decollete, arms and legs. This will give you all- around natural stunning glow.  
  1. Shimmery Eyeshadow
  For most of the women, top feature to be enhance in face are eyes. There is saying that eyes are the window of our soul... So, better be good painted. Shimmery eyeshadows gives you the opportunity  for optical illusion of bigger and more impressive look.  If you are using shimmery eyeshadow in shape of dust,  you should consider applying foundation after you finish your eye make up, because while applying, the dust could easily fall off your eyes on your cheeks. If  you didn’t avoided this, don’t worry, just dust translucent powder on the top to tone it down. If you are not sure what color of shimmery eyeshadow to choose, here are some suggestions. First of all, start with the color of your eyes, or if you don’t like the same color, choose some from the same spectrum. If you enjoy setting and following trends, then the perfect thing for you is to stick with this season trend and use bright loud shimmery eyeshadows. Beautiful summer shades like orange, green, yellow, pink, blue, and brown are making waves in the make up world.


If you are not quite brave enough to use brilliant teal or turquoise splash of color across your eyes, you may want to stay with the natural usual color of your eyeshadows , just with a hint of glow. Here is one tip and rule in a same time  : Try a sparkly eyeshadow with a creamy, matte lipstick or go totally opposite and wear a matte shade on your lids and slick on a shimmery glossed pout. On our wholesale make up site, we  offer eye shadow sets boasting three, four, or even five complementing hues, so you could easily find your best colors, mix, match colors and enjoy creating look that works best for you .    

  1. Shimmery Lipstick
  Shimmery lipstick creates optical illusion of fuller lips, especially when applied on the middle of lower lip. You should always pay attention on the rule of using shimmery make up :  Play on one feature – eyes or lips, not both! So, when using shimmery make up, make sure to use just one kind – either shimmery eyeshadows, or shimmery lipstick. If you have used bold, dark eyeshadows, then try using some creamy, matte lipstick, or some nuance of pink, and opposite. The unspoken rule about shimmery make up : don't be afraid to go a little bolder, a little darker!   Author: Silvija J.  

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