How to Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions

For an amazing look and a dramatic change to your appearance, great long length hair extensions are probably one of the best choices.   They will offer you incredible appearance changer and hair lengthening in an hour instead of the months and years that it would take to grow your hair naturally   If you are going to wear hair extensions, it is very important that you care for them properly. If you do not, it WILL do damage to your scalp, your natural hair and the hair extensions themselves. It will also cause you to wear them out quickly and obviously they will not look as nice.   If there is one thing that you must learn about having hair extensions, it is that in order to make them last you must also know how to take care of them properly.   There are a lot of examples where people spend the money and time to get extensions, only to have them last for a short period of time, simply because they were not instructed how to clean and maintain the new locks perfectly.   With the information provided in this article, learning the tips and tricks on taking care of these amazing hair accessories, you will be able to enjoy them for several months, up to year. That makes them a much more worthwhile investment, doesn’t it?
  1. Prior to washing, always brush your hair thoroughly using the correct extension hairbrush, making sure you remove all knots. The most important thing to remember when maintaining your hair extension is to be gentle when brushing it. Brushing it hard is one of the most common causes that hair extension are damaged,remove any dreads or tangles prior to adding water, as this will make them knot more tightly.

  1.  It is key that your hair extensions are always clean. When you stop and think about it, a snarled mess is never attractive. You can only imagine how bad it will look with hair extensions added to that mess. If you take the time to use a good shampoo and conditioner on your hair, you will notice incredible results.
  1. Always use oil-free products. If you have synthetic extensions instead of human extensions, it may be necessary to get a shampoo and conditioner that is made to work on your particular extensions. You might want to consider using products that are specially-formulated and PH balanced for hair that is treated or hair extensions. Of course, after washing and conditioning it is important that you carefully brush your hair in a manner that will not disrupt the extensions where they are attached to your head.  As always, brushing starts from the bottom up.
  1. Remember you hair extensions may be human hair, but they are not attached to the scalp so they don't receive the natural oils your hair on your head does. This means you will need to add plenty of moisturising products on a daily basis, but be sure to only use your stylists recommended products.
  1. Never go to bed with wet hair.  If you do, tangles will occur and it may be difficult at time to untangle them once they dry overnight. It is recommended that you pull your extensions back in a loose ponytail or braid to prevent the hair from getting tangled. Do not forget to brush before that.
  1. When it comes to styling and using hair styling tools that produce heat, it would be nice for you to get a heat protectant spray. When you have chosen human hair extensions, you can pretty much go about styling your hair as you normally would. Human hair can be curled, straightened, put up in hot rollers and much more. When you have synthetic extensions, you may be limited when it comes to the type of styling appliances and products that you can use and still keep your locks looking great. Many people who have synthetic hair in place will find that even letting their hair dry naturally instead of using a hot blow dryer will be the best plan of attack before they start the styling process. Remember, you can use heat tools on your hair, but make sure to avoid the root area, or the area where your bonds have been placed.
  1. The last thing that you need to remember when taking care of your hair extension is never to wash it every day. You should only wash it once every two or three days. Always remember that essential oils produced by your scalp cannot reach your hair extensions, and washing it too often can cause dry and damaged hair.
  Hope that you will find this article useful.

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