How to stay on a diet when you eat in a restaurant ?

How to stay on a diet when you eat in a restaurant ?


During the whole week, you were eating healthy, and never once skipped the aerobics and you feel easier about yourself and appearance, but the weekend comes and you are afraid that the diet will be dead  in the water come Monday morning. The weekend is the enemy of diets, primary because people enjoy going out to bars and restaurants and allowing themselves to enjoy in the satisfactions that foods and drinks carry. If you want to lead a healthy life and keep your diet in line, you have to reconcile with the fact that you can not avoid occasional visit to a restaurant You should learn how to make the right choices from the menu to save the progress you have made so for on your diet.   Do not starve yourself when you are in a restaurant, but make smart food choices.   Experts offer a variety of tips, tricks, and strategies to help people to stay on track when delicious greasy food becomes an unbearable temptation. Here are some of the most popular:  
  1. Plan ahead.
Know what are you going to order before you get there. These days a lot of restaurants and cafes have their own Facebook pages or sites where they publish their menu. Well, before leaving use your social network, consider everything offered on the menu. That way you can make a selection before you get there.  
  1. Do not leave your house hungry.
About 30-60 minutes before you leave home, make yourself a little snack ( for example: half a hand roasted almonds,  banana, apple, bowl of clear soup, or low calorie fruit yoghurt). If you get to the restaurant starving, you will undoubtly  over eat .  
  1. Order first.
Do not wait for others to make their orders, because that way you risk more temptation to join your friends/partners and purchase something more caloric . Order early to avoid the influence from other people’s orders.  
  1. Start with water.
While waiting for your meals to be delivered, drink at least one glass of water. Water will help you reduce the number of calories included in your meals.  
  1. If you are planning to drink alcohol, choose wine.
Cocktails and fiery alcohol contain many calories which you would not feel, but will disturb your diet. If you have already decided to drink alcohol, choose wine. The best choice is a white wine, because you can mix it with carbonated water. That way you will be entering towards lowest alcohol calories scale.  
  1. Do not starve yourself.
Many people decide that once you are on diet, should only drink water  and skip eating/meals.  It is a mistake.  Starving yourself will make you feel depressed and you will create frustrations that can contribute quickly to quitting the diet. Moreover, the body needs food in order to burn calories.  
  1. Pay attention to the way food is prepared .
Target dishes that contain words as baked, grilled, boiled, cooked by steaming, and skip meals, whose description have the words fried or roasted. There is a big difference between chicken grilled steak , and roasted chicken steak.  
  1. Choose foods that are best included in your diet plan .
It is likely that the restaurant will not serve food that absolutely fits in with what is included in your diet . But you should immediately adjust the conditions. You will never fail if you order green salad, salad with cheese, chicken grilled steak, or mix of grilled vegetables. Also, fish or rice with vegetables is a great choice.  
  1. Eat a half of portion.
The other half share it with friends or ask to pack it for home. The same moment your meal is served, ask for additional bowl and separate half of the portion. That way you will not be tempted to eat everything.  
  1. Eat slowly and enjoy the conversation.
Chew slowly and enjoy every bite. Do not hold the fork in your hands constantly. Put down the fork to give your brain time to realise how much food you have eaten so far.  
  1. Skip the dessert.
After the meal, chew gum or a mint to satisfy the desire for something sweet.  But, if you can not resist and still decide to order dessert, the best choice is fruit salad, without icing, cream or chocolate topping.   And remember, you do not have to seamlessly stick to your diet. One weekend enjoyment should not make you give up on healthy diet. If you have enjoyed in little more food, go and do an extra hour of aerobics, or do jogging in the park.

The most important thing is to have a desire to return back to the track.



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