How to get Smokey Eyes Make-up Look

Smokey eyes have always been a big celebrity style, and there is no sign that this particular trend is dying.   The first and most important thing you should remember is this : If you are making the smokey eyes look, than you are making an accent on your eyes , that’s why, by the GOLDEN RULE  “Always play on one feature (eyes or lips, not both!)”, you must put nude, neutral, lip- toned  colour lipstick or lipgloss on your lips.   Here we will give you very easy and quick quide, through 10 steps,  for creating that great Smokey- look, that does not reqire you to be makeup artist.   1.   Do not apply concealer , foundation or blush, on your face,  before you finish your eyes, because the eyeshadow will “fallout” under your eyes and make them look darker.   2.   In order to keep your eyeshadow lasting longer, you should prime your eye lids,  and use an eyeshadow base, or in order to save money, use concealer or foundation and then a layer of face powder . Wait a couple of minutes for them to dry and then begin with eyeshadow makeup.   3.   If you don’t have face powder, than use neutral coloured base shadow,  this you should apply on the entire eye, upper lid and lower lash line.   4.   The next step is putting on the eye pencil or eyeliner. The best thing is to Choose a soft eyeliner pencil of the same colour or a complementary shade to your featured eye shadow. Line the entire eye, upper lid and lower lash line. Get as close to your lashes as possible. Smudge both lash lines with a cotton swab or an eyeliner brush.   5.    You should sweep powder shadow ( brown, black, gray or dark green are the most recomended )  over the now softened eyeliner. Only do the upper lid for now, since you have not applied your under eye concealer yet. Remember, smudge and blend so the eyeliner and eye shadows go together seamlessly.


6.   Apply your general shadow, or some nice brown, or grey shadow that you will apply starting from the end of your lash line, going to the crease of your lid and ending directly under your brow bone.   7.   Now dust a lighter, neutral eyeshadow (such as ivory, or white),  just over  your brow bone.   8.   Sweep under your eyes. Use a powder brush, or cotton balls, to sweep away any eyeshadow from under your eye area. With this done, you can apply your concealer and powder.   9.   Apply a lot of black mascara and curl your lashes. Apply at least 2-3 coats on top lashes and at least 2 on bottom.   10.   Check your work. Once the mascara is dried, blend any areas that might stand out. It is also a goof time to gently sweep your powder brush, or cotton balls, under your eyes,  so that you remove any additional eyeshadow “fallout”.   Using this smokey  make-up quide , you will have gorgeous eyes in no time.   If you like this guide then please feel free to share it but leave the author title and link               Author: Silvija  J http://bit.ly/Smokey-eyes-style  

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