How to get a clean face ?

How to get a clean face ?


A clean face is the first step of any skin care routine. It protects the skin from the daily negative impact which our environment can cause. Skin care should be your first place of call in the mornings and evening, That way you will remove all the things that stick on the face during the day and whilst you have been snoozing through the night. Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to properly clean our face. Therefore, we offer several easy steps to perfectly clean your face.    

Choose a product


First, select a product that will match your skin type. Some soaps or products will not suit your skin type and can cause drying of the skin, that will lead to constantly peeling/flaking of the skin .

Clean your face two times a day


You should clean your face 2 times a day to remove impurities put there by the environment. The skin should not be treated more than twice a day, so you do not risk removing the natural oil of the skin.

Insufficient cleaning can cause closure of pores and of course lead to some inflammation and acne/spots.

Wash your face with lukewarm water


Too hot water over time damages the skin, while the cold does not remove impurities from the surface of the face.

When washing it should always start by washing the face and neck.


Wash your hands


Before you start washing your face, wash your hands to make sure that no bacteria from the hands is transfered to the sensitive facial skin.

Apply the facial cleaner with circular movements


Apply the facial cleaner with your fingertips , making circular movements to apply it across the entire surface of the face. Do not rub too hard as you will damage and irritate the skin.

Using a gentle massage and this will help to improve the circulation, and at the same time will remove dead skin cells.

Thoroughly wash your face

Make sure not to leave traces of the cleaner on the skin as this will cause the pores to close later and cause inflammation/redness.

Wipe your face with a soft towel


Hard and rigid towels can damage the just washed skin. That is why you should find a soft enough towel that will fit and pamper your delicate skin.

Here are some additional facts and tips about the care of your skin that should help you decide what to implement in your daily routine :

  • For the renewal of the upper layer of the skin it is necessary to eat food that is rich in folic acid and Vitamins (B6 and B12). The recovery cycle last from 20 to 40 days depending on your age.
  • Many of the changes of the skin such as fine wrinkles, freckles and spots, broken capillaries or rough skin are due to long exposure to sunlight.
  • Skin massage increases blood circulation, improves skin tone, and can decrease the occurrence of acne.
  • Some researchers have shown that a 10- minute tanning therapy (solarium) is same as one day in the sun without sun protection. Avoid sunbeds, as a bright orange tan is not trendy anyway .
  • Use a hydrating cream in the morning, evening, before applying make up , Get to know your skin and work out how much you need of it in your routine. You will have a soft and beautiful skin for a short time. If you can afford it, buy a cream for around the eyes. The skin there is very thin and the wrinkles are easily noticed.

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