How to deal with mistakes made while applying make up

How to deal with mistakes made while applying make up



There are a few unintentional mistakes  that we make when applying make up and quite often we do not know how to deal with these mishaps,and the easiest solution is to end up wiping the whole make up off and redoing again.   It is time-consuming, especially if you are in an hurry to go somewhere. Did your mascara smear or you have applied too much blush? There are tricks on how to tidy up  that mess very easily and quickly.     Mistake No. 1 : The shadow is way too dark :   Sometimes the same shadow that we have applied for ever and a day knows just how to surprise us and look different just at the wrong time. It all depends on various factors such as the season, skin conditions, allergies and so on. If you notice that the shadow that you inflicted looks much darker than it should be, take the make up application brush and ease the shadings. If that fails , use a clean brush to fix the colour, and apply a little cream eyeshadow colour that will surely fade.     Mistake No. 2 : You have applied too much foundation :   Soak clean sponge for applying foundation with a little water and drain nicely (it should be almost dry). Gently begin to blotch the sponge from forehead down to chin and therefore is should be very easy to remove the excess foundation without having to worry about any imbalances.     Mistake No. 3 : You have applied too much blush :   Sometimes it is easy to exaggerate when applying rouge, whether this is because of the quality of the brush or light make-up which is rarely customised. Clean the brush you use for  applying blush (or serve with a powder brush), and apply small amount of dust powder and apply with gentle strokes on the spot where you have applied too much rouge. If this deletes too much rouge, you can always add a bit more of it, only this time be more careful.     Mistake No. 4 : Too much emphasises on the eyebrows :   Makeup will not look complete if you do not have neat eyebrows, these will give you the shape to your face that you desire. If you use the eyebrow pencil to much (or shade, depending on what use to outline), take a cotton bud and gently roll on the surface of the eyebrows, but in the opposite direction in which the hairs growth. This will ease the colour for a moment.     Mistake No. 5 : Smeared mascara on eye lid: Although this is error, it is still important the quality of the mascara more so than the hand that applied it,It is a mistake that often happens to women when applying make up . Instead of removing the whole make up off the eye with makeup removal, apply just a bit ona cotton bud and slowly clean the smeared part. You will have only minimal adjustments to the shadow if you have inflicted a lot easier than having to start you make up routine from scratch.  

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