How to cover dark circles around your eyes quickly and simply

How to cover dark circles around your eyes quickly and simply

You have to learn how to hide your flaws and the dark circles under the eyes are one’s that you should know,so here's a few tips to help you do this.


Dark circles around your eyes usually come about from fatigue, exhaustion, stress, sleepless nights and naturally due to the years of experience you have on this earth.

To cover these circles, there are always tricks.

Make-up is one of the ways to hide them and get that much desired fresh look.

In this article you can read how to select the best decorative cosmetics that will continue to help you look relaxed and smooth.

No.1 : Choose a foundation that has moisturising balance:   The most common mistake that women make when choosing a foundation to cover dark circles is that you do not care whether it is moisturising enough. Always choose a foundation that is lightweight, will not penetrate the pores and dry out your skin further.         No.2 : You can use toner instead of corrector:   For those of you who do not want to use too much make-up, toner is always a good replacement. Put a little on your finger and leave it to oxidise, gaining a stronger position and darker colour and you can easily replace the corrector.         No.3 : Apply concealer only on the dark circles:   When placing the corrector you probably apply it to the whole eye? Here is the first mistake,  corrector should be applied only where you have dark circles, and then with a finger or brush with gentle movements to blow all over the eye and ends. Corrector also puts an end to the make-up before inflicting blush.         No. 4 : Choose the correct shade of concealer:   We almost always know how to choose the correct shade of foundation for our skin, but when it comes to concealer we sometimes make mistakes. When choosing a concealer you should be slightly yellow background lighter than your skin. This will cover dark circles and illuminates perfectly.         No.5 : Small tricks to reduce dark circles:   Always over apply concealer powder, and if you wake up with under eye bags, take a teaspoon and place it in the refrigerator until it is cool but not freezing and then place iton the under eye and leave for at least 10 minutes or while the spoon is again a normal temperature. Also use eye cream twice a day, and especially do not forget to apply it before bedtime. These creams should contain vitamin C and caffeine, these ingredients help reduce dark circles.         No.6 : Use concealer in the form of pen:   These correctors are most useful to use and you should always try to carry one with you , leaving thin trails under your eyes, helping to restore the make-up and with them you can never exaggerate with the amount that you will apply.         No.7 : Choose a product that suits your skin type   If your skin is dry, then look for a great moisturising cream feature with soothing herbal extracts such as algae. Have a problem with acne and oily skin? Then look for products with fruit extracts or salicylic acid for daily use and make peeling. If you have a problem with redness, look for products without perfumes, natural base made​​.      

Hope you found this article useful.

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