How to choose the best eyeshadows for you

The first thing that you normally see and captures your attention, when you look at someone is their eyes. This is why it is so important to pull the best of your eyes, when you are applying make up. There are few questions you ask yourself while picking the best eyeshadow to apply : Should I pick the same colour as my outfil ? Should I match it to my eye colour? What colour to apply? How to blend?   First thing you should consider while picking eyeshdows, is your eye colour and skin tone.  

If you have blue eyes

  The best colours that will make your eyes really stand out, are violet and deep blue, mixed with black. These same colours are perfect for creating the Smokey eyes effect. For opening up blue eyes, gold, silver, and grey are the best colours for you. If you love experimenting and you are brave enough to go for more funky look, try vibrant purple, fuchsia, and creamy peaches.                

If you have green or hazel eyes

  If your eyes are green, or hazel,  then burnt orange, brown , gold with black or dark brown are the perfect choice for you. This colours are great for Smokey eyes look . To open up your green/ hazel eyes, apply shade of creamy gold and orange.  For funky look, use purple,  yellow, orange or lime green.                  

If you have brown eyes

  If you have brown eyes, lighter colours such as pink, pastel green, light blue will brighten and open up your eyes. Try using light eyeshadows and black, or brown eyeliner. For funky look, use teal lime, hot pink, yellow, fuchsia, bright blue and bright violet.                         Always keep in mind that light eyeshadow colours cause the eyes to open, make larger and highlight  and dark make up colours will cause the eyes to recede, minimise or contour. So with this in mind you could work with dark eyeliner and light eye shadow colours to emphasise your eyes with black liner, and mascara.                         Green eyeshadow in reality reveals almost every eye colour. Feel free to carry out experimentation on this by mixing the eyeshadow with different shade in the corners. TIP: If you have very light skin tone, avoid using dark eyeshadows.   There are many different types of eyeshadows, some have textures, shimmer, loose powder, pressed powder and cream effects.  

Liquid Eyeshadows

  This kind of eyeshadow will brighten your eyes, open them, and also give you more of a sheer look.

Cream Eyeshadows

  The really good thing about cream eyeshadow is they give you a gorgeous intense and vibrant colour. They are best used with a sponge or fingers. Never try to blend too much of creamy eyeshadow colours together,  because you will achieve the unpleasant effect of “blotchy eyes”  

Powder Eyeshadows

Powder Eyeshadows can be found in single colours, and as a part of palette sets. This kind of eyeshadow is the best for getting the Smokey eyes effect, because the eyeshadows can blend really well. When applying powder eyeshadow, always use eyeshadow brush.

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