How to apply your make up when you are wearing glasses


How to apply your make up when you are

wearing glasses

When wearing glasses,  applying make up on the eyes can be a bit complicated, so here are some tips for applying eye make up for the ones that have problem with weekened eyesight , and must wear glasses..





Make up tips for short-sighted ( ones that have (-) dioptry, these people can not see well out to a far distance)


If you are short-sighted, glasses will  visually smallen your eyes. Therefore,  we reccomend a more dramatic eye make up, This best  suits dramatic makeup and eyeliner through the upper eyelid. This little trick will highlight the eyes and create the impression of wide-open eyes. Apply several layers of mascara, lipstick and let it be a neutral colour or colour shade. Since your eyes are highlighted, you need a neutral colour on your lips. Playing on one feature, remember ?



Make up for far-sighted  ( ones that have (+) dioptry, these people can not see well at a short distance)


For farsighted


The girls who wear glasses for far-sightedness,  eyes look bigger than they really are. Sometimes the effect of increasing this may look ugly, especially if you're prone to redness in the eyes. So draw the inner edge of the lower eyelid with a white eye  pencil. Pay special attention to applying  the eye shadow and moving from one shade to other as it excels. Apply mascara but only one layer because eyelashes under your diopter are already increased.Because you have discreet make up on  eyes, use lipsticks in brighter shades. Be free to apply whatever lipstick you want.


Makeup in accordance with the framework of glasses


If wearing frames that are unnoticeable use more striking colours of shadows to accentuate the eyes and lips into neutral shades. But if your frames are in colour, reconcile them under the colour of lipstick and do not emphasize the eye too much. If your frames have a neutral color, you are free to play around with your makeup and use stronger colours that will rejuvenate your complexion.

Useful Tips:


- If you have dark circles under your eyes,  apply a concealer under eye bags because glasses point them  out.


- Use dark shadows only if your eyes look big under your glasses.


- If your eyes seem smaller, apply several layers of mascara.


- If you have naturally big eyes, skip the mascara.


- Always use mascara for volume, rather than lengthening because long eyelashes touch the glass.


- Compose eyebrows and make further highlighted with a pencil. Eyebrows are very important when wearing eyeglasses.


- Use a white pencil to make eyes bigger.


-          To make small eyes look big use made-up with shiny shadows in bright shades that are applied all over the lid.



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How to apply your make up when you are wearing glasses

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