How to apply false eyelashes

Not  everyone is blessed with voluminous, long lashes. Fortunately, the invention of false eyelashes gives hope to all the woman who want to have completely eye  makeup look and long beautiful eyelashes.  Except the fact that false eyelashes are used by all the celebrities and make perfection of eye makeup, that way  becoming huge trend, they also make you feel confident and more desired while wearing them.     Here we will give you very easy and quick quide, through 10 steps,  for applying false eyelashes, that does not require to be makeup artist.   1.       First step is cleaning your eye lids. This is very important when applying false eyelashes, because the adhesive ( glue) will not stick to oil,  so be sure to use an oil-free makeup remover and not use  any oil –based makeup near your  eyes.      2.      The next step is finding ( choosing)  colour and length. For a natural look, always stick with a colour that matches your own shade of lashes. Blondes and light color haired girls can go with a light brown colour of eyelashes, but all the other  girls should use dark brown or black.  For glamorous evening look everyone can use black eyelashes.


3.  Most false eyelashes will need to be trimmed, because usually they are too long for most women. While  trimming you should not use glue. Be sure to trim just a little at a time ( one or two lashes) , and not go too far, with help of sharp scissors.  Keep testing all the time, by holding on your eyelid and seeing how well they fit across your lid. Curve them across your lid. Be sure they don’t extend past your eyelid, because that will be very uncomfortable.

4. The next step is adding glue to the false eyelashes. Don’t use too much. . Apply a thin layer of glue to the false eyelash strip and wait one minute, to let the glue become tacky. Remember: The glue is meant to be applied only to the false eyelashes, not directly on your eyelid !   5.  While looking in the mirror, start applying your false eyelashes. Start at the inside corner , press and hold as close to your own lash line as possible, to the end of the eyelid.     6.  If you are using one by one individual lashes or clumps, start applying them at the outside and work toward the inner eye.       7.  After applying your false eyelashes, and after they have dried,  use an eyelash curler and gently curl your new eyelashes along with your own natural  lashes.   8.  To make better and glamorous look, use liquid eyeliner and apply it over the eyelid.  For final touch,  put a little bit of  mascara and blend it with your natural lashes.   9.   When  it’s time for removing your false eyelashes, make sure to be gentle. Because of the sensitivity of your eye lids, do not pull your eyelashes off without using eye makeup remover. Now is time for oil-based makeup remover. Let the remover soak in for a couple of minutes, and then you can remove your false eyelashes.     10.   If you want to use your false eyelashes again, make sure to clean them according to the manufacture’s direction, and pull off any of the remaining glue.  Let them dry completely before putting them again.   Learning  how to apply false eyelashes through this easy 10 step guide, can lift your spirits and make you feel like a celebrity !   If you like this guide then please feel free to share it but leave the author title and link.


Author: Silvija  J.


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