How to achieve soft and seductive lips ?

How to achieve soft and seductive lips ?


There is nothing more attractive than a women’s smile. However, dry cracked lips can make laughter painful especially if it is people laughing at you! Beside causing pain, dry lips cause discomfort and are not attractive at all. Therefore,try and find the reasons for the dry and cracked lips and make them as soft, smooth and seductive as a peachy bum  in no time..  Keep reading.. Researchers show that a women’s smile is among the first things that men notice, so it should always be present on your face and never ever a frown.  

Causes of dry lips :


Alot of people suffer from cracked lips. Dry lips can be result from several factors, and most of them can be avoided quite easily :

  • Dehydration.  The most common cause of dry lips is very simple- dehydration. If the body does not have enough water, it will show the shortage in sensitive bits of the body.
  • Sun. The skin of your body is significantly damaged by the sun, and the lips are no exception as these are a very soft and fragile part of your make up.
  • Wind. If you leave your lips unprotected, and there is a strong wind, they will definitely dry out.
  • Lack of Vitamins and Minerals. In particular, you should make sure your intake of the Vitamins A, Vitamin  B, Vitamin C and F (Ferrum-iron) is adequate as lack of iron in the blood ( anemia) may be the cause of cracked lips.
  • Constant licking of the lips. If you have this habit of repeatedly licking your lips, thus you do not give them the necessary humidity. This will make them even drier.
  • Cosmetics. Some lipsticks and lip balms have the drying effect on the lips. Be careful in choosing cosmetics. Avoid lip balms that contain phenol and camphor.
  • Breathing. If you have a stuffy nose or any other reason that is making you breath through your mouth only, then the likely hood is you will end up with dry lips .
  • Smoking. Most smokers know that this harmful habit brings very nasty consequences. Some of which are dry lips, mouth ulcers and bad breath.
  • Spicy food. Spicy foods, and  grapefruit juice can cause drying and irritation of the lips.
  • Drugs. Although some medications do not come in contact with the lips, they can cause drying.

How to get soft and seductive lips ?




It is important that the delicate skin of the lips is exfoliated several times a week, to be cared with honey, avoe vera, cucumber , and protected with a lip balm.

Exfoliation is very important for maintaining beautiful skin,the lips are much smoother than the rest of the human skin, so  they require extra care. Exfoliation for lips is recommended to be done at least 2-3 times per week .

  1. Apply Vaseline on your lips. Allow 2-3 minutes to act.
  2. Take a soft toothbrush and gently rub your lips with a circular motion.
  3. The brush will exfoliate the lips, and the Vaseline will give them the necessary humidity. Once you finish, leave part of Vaseline on the lips.
  The brush can be replaced with a sugar or large ground coffee, the only thing you need to do is mix it with Vaseline and you will get a kind of peeling.     Home care for the lips :  
  • Mix 1 tea spoon glycerin, 1 tea spoon lemon juice and 1 tea spoon castor oil. Apply the resulting liquid on your lips, at night , before going to bed. Store the rest of the liquid in the refrigerator .
  • I doubt that there is someone that has not heard about the benefits of  honey for the skin.  For soft and smooth lips, cover your lips with honey, every night before you go to sleep .
  • Cucumber can greatly help you if you suffer from dry and cracked lips. It is composed of 90% water, which means it can give moisture to the lips. Simply take a piece of cucumber and pass it through the lips.
  • Aloe Vera gel is an excellent allied for beautiful skin. It can help you get rid of dry lips very quickly. Apply it at night, before bedtime, or during the day.  Do not lick your lips while you have the aloe vera gel on your lips. Leave it to act for at least 45 minutes.
  1. Forget about licking your lips. The saliva contains enzymes that are designed to begin the process of decomposition of food. These enzymes can damage the thin skin of the lips.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Drinking enough water does not allow the body to become dehydrated.
  3. Protect your lips from the sun or wind. Use lip balm with high SPF if you plan to spend the day out in the wind, or under the rays of the sun. Lip balsam will protect your lips from the sun and the wind.
  4. Pay attention to your diet. Enter enough Vitamins and Minerals, especially iron and Vitamin A, B, and C in your body.
  5. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Alcohol and caffeine leads to dehydration of the body.
Hope this article was useful for you . Feel free to share your comments.  

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