How important is make up for women ?

Well,  it’s the middle of the summer 2011 and I have not seen  more than a handful of women on the streets without make up on , in the last three months.  That says a lot!  Don’t you think? Makeup is unavoidable part of our everyday life and routine, an unavoidable part of our life . I do not know who discovered make up, but in the name of all the women – We are incredibly thankful for it.   The real question is, how much impact does make up have on you throughout your day to day life? I could definitely say that for me, it’s one of the greatest discoveries and that would not be an exaggeration.  Not only that we look prettier and more attractive, I personally find it in a way satisfying and joyful, whilst doing my make-up I feel really relaxed and peaceful and when I am done, I feel  a confidence run through me one that can not be easily ruined. I have the same make up routine or ritual if you will, every time I apply from my rather vast collection, Please understand it in whatever manner you want.. Just before I start  with the beautifying process, I pull out all the make up from my makeup case, that I plan on using, and put it on the make- up desk in front of me I then get up and make myself cup of coffee or herbal tea and then plan what and how I am going to apply my make for the days or nights event. I do this routine almost every time, while putting make up , drink coffee and enjoy. It’s very relaxing and satisfying, a kind of psychological therapy for me a release from the stress and strain if only for a few moments.   I think that the most important part for every lady, that uses make up is to feel confidence and learn to feel comfortable “wearing” the make up they have applied, release the doubt and  not be afraid to experiment with colours and shades.  After you finish the face make.you look at the mirror, you should always say to yourself: “ Hey, there is nothing more to be changed or fixed, everything is perfect, I AM PERFECT“. Personally I try and make  it so there is a considerable difference in my Day-time make up, special occasions  and Night make- up . For the day-time I usually use a little make up,  softly nice nude-colour  lipstick and I usually put liquid eyeliner and mascara on my eyes,  with maybe some matching- to- my- clothes-  colour eyeshadow .  Anyway, I always follow the GOLDEN RULE : “Always play on one feature (eyes or lips, not both!)”.  Specially night- time make up , and special occasions. I am a huge  fan of the smokey eyes look, followed with skin colour lipstick.  When I am in big rush and need “special occasion” really fast makeover , or I just have the need to feel attractive, I take out the red lipstick from the make up case, and let the party begin !

Just put regular make up: eyeliner, mascara, blush and  add  loud –red lipstick to my lips . That always works for me!  Not to mention that it is everlasting  IN trend !  Little black dress to spice the look up and perfectly match with my make up.   Right before I open the front door and go out, I smile and feel the positive  energy and confidence, no way that will be ruined tonight !   That’s my point of view about makeup and changes that it makes to me.  What about you? Author:  Silvija J.  

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