Home treatments that work against cellulite


Home treatments that work against cellulite


Statistics say that 90% of women that suffer from cellulite should not be encourage to sit with folded hands and comfort themselves with the words "we all have cellulite, it is not a big deal." It is true, almost every woman has cellulite, but the attitude  should be a reminding one to us that cellulite is a problem that needs daily work to fight against.   Most women begin to take active measures against cellulite when the summer start. But if you want to get rid of skin that resembles to orange peel, then  you must nurture your body throughout the year.

Home treatments can be just as effective as more expensive alternatives you find in the shops

  There are various treatments and products these days that promise flat and smooth skin. Some give good results while others are just a marketing gimmick. However, to check their effectiveness, you will need to do more or less the monetary and time investment that are required to get the desired results   If you are not willing to separate from the fund for smoothing the skin, then try home treatments that can often be equally effective against cellulite as expensive treatments that are available.


  Yes, coffee can help you get rid of cellulite, but not if you consume it, but if you use it as peeling. That caffeine in coffee has been active ingredient in many anti cellulite creams.   The simplest way to use the power of caffeine from coffee is to use the sludge.   If you have 10 minutes ...  
  • Gather about half a cup of coffee sediment and go to shower. It is best to shower with hot water because it will help the caffeine penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Take the hand of coffee residue and using a circular motion massage to the affected areas (buttocks, thighs).
  • Massage for about 5 minutes, then wash the residue.
  • The best effect is achieved if the residue is washed with cold water. Cold water tightens the pores and makes the skin tighter.
  If you have 40 minutes ...  
  • Take half a cup of coffee residue, and add 2 teaspoons of olive oil or oil of rosemary in it.
  • Put some old newspapers on the floor and using a circular motion massage the mixture into the skin in places where notice cellulite.
  • With the help of plastic kitchen wrap the areas that you previously have applied the  mixture on.
  • Sit and relax. During the period of 30 minutes while the caffeine is acting, you can  put some music on, read a few pages from  the 2nd book of shades of Grey or watch an episode of your favourite series. It is proven that  relaxation helps against cellulite.
  • Finally, wash the residue with warm or cold water.
  After the treatment with coffee, you will immediately notice that your skin is smoother and softer, and over time you will notice that cellulite is reduced.   !  Important: Clean the bathtub immediately as the coffee will stain the interior.      



Brushing the skin is an effective and simple way to reduce cellulite. Brushing  improves circulation, but also it removes dead cells from the upper layer of skin. As a result you will get softer and smoother skin and the cellulite will start to decrease.  
  • Take one body brush with soft hair and start brushing the skin until dry. It is best to do this before showering.
  • Start from your  feet and move up towards the thighs and buttocks. Do not use strong pressure.


  Lemon juice helps to melt cellulite. Drain one cup juice from one lemon and charge it with lukewarm water. If you do not tolerate acidic, add one teaspoon of honey.   Drink cooked lemon juice 2-3 times daily. Consumption of lemon juice alone will not help you get rid of cellulite, but in combination with massage, brushing and other methods will  give an excellent results.    


  It is thought that apple vinegar can help in the breakdown of cellulite:  
  • Orally: In a glass of water add 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar (preferably vinegar from wild apple). Optionally you can sweeten with a little honey. Consume this liquid once a day.
  • Locally: Mix apple cider vinegar and olive oil in relation 3:1. Massage the mixture for 7-10 minutes a day.
    Start today to take measures against nasty cellulite so you carelessly show your body on the summer vacation.      

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