Hand and Nail Beauty Tips for Girls

Whatever you do, if one of your visible body parts is not clean, then the beauty that other persons see in you will affect your overall appearance. One of the parts that are sometimes being forgotten to take care about is the hand and nails. Most women are ensuring that their body is cared for from head to toe. However, there are still some who will still forget about the proper care that must be applied for their hands in nails. If you are that busy that you can no longer care for your hands and nails, do not worry since there are several simple ways that you can do to keep your hands smooth and your nails as clean looking as ever. These hands and nail beauty tips will be discussed below. Beauty Tips for Nails To start with, to make sure that your nails will always look clean, you can apply and treat it with olive oil every other day. You can also use a mixture of lemon juice and water when removing stains on your nails. That way, you have not only made your nails look clean but also as healthy looking. Never cut you nail cuticle otherwise it might get infected. When that happens, the more that you will find it hard to maintain a nice looking nails. You will not also be able to apply nail polish for a long time. Also, after two weeks, you must already remove the nail polish you applied on your nails. Eating fruits and vegetables will that contains vitamin B5 and B will help you in maintaining not just healthy nails but also skin. Another simple tip that can help you maintain strong nails is to eat bananas and drink milk. This is made possible because both milk and bananas are rich in calcium. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin A and C, zinc, and folic acid can also help your strengthen your nails. It is always recommended beginning on putting the base coat before applying the nail polish. This must be done for your nails to be protected. Beauty Tips for Hands Hands are considered as the most used body parts. Due to that, it just makes it all the more essential for you to maintain smooth and soft hands. That can be done by moisturizing your hands three times a day. If you noticed that the skin on your hands is dry, it is best to start with washing them with soap. Afterwards, pour salt on it, then, wash your hands again. Then, put some moisturizing cream on your hand to prevent them from drying. Before you go to bed, make it a habit to apply some lotion first, and have them covered with gloves made of cotton material. When you wake up in the morning, you will notice that it already feels smooth like butter. When you are washing the dishes, put some almond oil first in the water. This way, the moisture on your hand’s skin will be sealed, and prevent the skin on your hand in getting dry. You can also soak your hand on warm milk for about 5 minutes. This way, the skin of your hand will be hydrated.

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