Free ways for achieving that perfect younger look

Free ways for achieving that perfect younger look


Having in mind that the cosmetic industry offers numerous products that promise to help you achieve the perfect good looks, there are a lot of interesting methods with which you can achieve the same effects,but the best bit is they are totally free.




Nowadays there are various web sites on the Internet that offer totally free exercise programs and methods of exercise that are worth having a look at and giving a try. Even the simplest of exercise forms such as running or cycling can do much for your fitness. If you need extra motivation, you will also find it online. Visit any of the pages or sites with these programmes and you will undoubtly find people who exercise and look great from there. If they can do it then so can you!


Enough sleep


Keep that in mind and use the advantages offered by sleep. While we sleep our body produces a hormone that maintains health,vitality and youth.




Clean and fresh water is the best way for the aiding of detoxification of the body.




Many studies have shown that laughter can keep you feeling younger, and also aid in reducing the risk of heart disease.




Brings spiritual peace, improves mood and health. We all know that without a healthy body we will not be able to achieve a healthy spirit and vice versa. Light sleep, rest and twenty minutes meditation has the same impact as a few hours of deep sleep, which in turn has a positive impact to help you with a youngful look.


Create Hair Bangs

The best and quickest way to change your look is creating hair bangs, but you should be very careful. Find a photograph of an actress, or any celebrity who has a similar shape face as you and explore the density and the length of her’s hair bangs.

Use hair masks:

Intensive masks that can be obtained in almost every store or to prepare at home, using them once a week can do wonders with your hair.


DIY Facial Mask made of Banana:

Did you know that the banana can help save the skin from free radicals and prevents premature aging? In addition, rich in vitamins, and is available throughout the year.Take advantage of all the benefits of the banana. These masks restore the shine and natural colour of the skin of the face. Here are three different masks that you can make using banana. Choose one that you like the most and start doing it as often as you can

First : Banana mask

Mash one banana and apply it on face and neck. Hold 10-15 minutes, then wash with cold water.

Second : Banana and honey mask

In half mashed banana, add a teaspoon of honey. Apply on wet face and neck and hold it for 15 minutes.

Third :  Mask of banana and milk

Take half a mashed banana and pour it with a spoon of milk (1 spoon) . Stir the mixture and apply it on face and neck, leaving it to act for 15-20 minutes.


Peeling for your lips


Mix equal amounts of sugar and honey, and add a few drops of olive oil into the mixture. By gently rubbing clean the damaged layer of skin on the lips.


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