Flawless skin in summer


Flawless skin in summer



Dermatologists claim that women never apply enough sunscreen milk/cream when they are sun bathing, and as such never get the correct protection factor written on the bottle.


There is a certain special magic in a women with sensitive skin. A naive feeling and impression of treated skin can not go unnoticed. If you are one of these women, you must be wondering how to solve the problem with expanded pores and dark circles around eyes? The solution is here!


How to choose a sunscreen cream

Choose a sunscreen labelled as "broad-spectrum", this means that will cope with UVB, and UVA rays , the ones that cause wrinkles and cancer.   As said above dermatologists claim that women never inflict enough milk for the sun, and so never get protection factor written on the bottle, so for extra security use a high factor such a SPF 30 or 45. Apply sunscreen milk as you exit the shower, instead of usual body milk, lest you forget and cover every point of your body, including the upper part of the feet and the inside of the wrist.      

How to make pores smaller


Pores look large when clogged with dead cells and fat. For cleaning , use exfoliates that contains between 1 and 5 percent (%) salicylic acid every day. It would disperse where the pores are most evident.      

Home-made facial mask of banana and honey

Homemade face mask of banana and honey serve to feed the tired and dry skin. Honey is an excellent ingredient for natural beauty, good means for moistening and softening the skin. Great for acne because it is a natural antiseptic. Other than being used for the skin, it can also be used as a regenerator for weak hair. Bananas used to moisturise dry skin, but can also be used on dry hair.

Here is how to prepare the mask for yourself:

  Chop half a banana and make a paste. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and stir until the paste is dense. Then apply the mask on a clean face. For better results, before placing the mask, the face should be slightly moist and warm. Cut two thin pieces of banana and place it under your eyes. The Vitamin K which is contained in the banana helps to eliminate bags under the eyes.

How to deal with lifeless looking skin


The problem here is the dead skin, and the solution: very gentle exfoliation and a little shine. Wash your face in the morning and at night by means of a mild salicylic acid and it will immediately look brighter. Use a shiny bronzer or blush on the cheeks and nose.        

How to choose a moisturising cream:

Irritation and acne is often caused by incorrect use of moisturising cream. For oily skin you should normally choose cream intended for the same purpose, and for dry skin use creams that contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin.          

How to test new products that you want to buy

Always test one new product at a time. So you see if it has ingredients that irritate your skin as it could be with retinal or alpha hydroxyl acids. When you do you should always test on your neck or a small area with the same sensitivity as you face but  not the on your face to start with, this way if there is any adverse reaction,  you can cover it with you hair or a piece of clothing . If you pass the 3 days test of the neck, then move on to face.        

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