Fashion Rules that you can violate

Fashion Rules that you can violate



Each of us has heard of at least a few old fashion rules, most of them told by our mothers, or grandmothers, usually when we are wearing something unusual or something that they do not like. Very often, however you were comfortable with your combination of clothing, these fashion rules that they professed managed to change your mind. With time passing by and development of fashion rules, many of these fashion-laws are slowly falling by the wayside. It is time to put behind us these old fashion rules and experiment outside of the boundaries that we and are parents have set.  

These are some fashion rules that you are “allowed”, and matter of fact, we encourage you to violate:

  1. Never wear white in winter. - Wrong!

Definitely one of the fashion rules that each of us has heard a million times as youngster, and some still cling to it. The colour White is beautiful, not just for summer and for dress and shirts! Whether it is coat, white sweater, or boots , the white pieces will freshen up your appearance in the grey autumn and winter days.

  1. The shoes should always match the purse.  – Wrong!

Of course, your shoes and purse should match the other pieces of your combination and outfit, but nobody says they should correspond with one another! Lately we find more combinations in which shoes are combined with jewelry, nail polish, or other pieces of the adornment. If we restrict our shoes to always match the bag we carry, we will be left with much less possible combinations, and it will start to get almost impossible for the handbag and shoes to match to one another.

  1. Never wear and combine black with blue or brown. – Wrong!

Surely you have already noticed that the last 2-3 years people around you all often combining these colours together. Our mothers ( not only them) still can not believe that the biggest fashion rule is violated every day. I was sceptical earlier on such combinations, but when you try to combine light shades of brown ( For example, light brown boots and belly, you will also notice how amazing it matches with dark pants or skirt) and some shades of blue ( For example- indigo) very interesting suits with  black .


  1. Never wear a red outfit if you have red hair. – Completely untrue!

Maybe red hair girls need to devote more time in choosing the right shade, but it is not that should not wear red at all !

  1. Do not combine jewelry from various metals. – Wrong!

Why limit ourselves only to gold or silver jewelry, when it is interesting to combine various metals there is whole universe of other materials,gems,metals precious stones out ther ? If you are careful and you choose nicely and pick various jewelry from different materials ( wood, metal.. ) it may seem unusual, but that combination of accessories can give an additional sparkle on your overall look.

  1. Every colour in your combination should match one another. – So wrong and OUT!

The simplest way for an ordinary combination of clothing ( colours that blend with each other) to become unusual is to add a piece that will stand out. Whether it is an interesting jewelry in striking shape of colour, or shoes, purse, wreath.. It is up to you.

  1. Do not wear leather or inverted leather in the Summer. – Wrong!

It is a shame not to wear over our shoulders our favourite leather bags in the summer months. But not only handbags- there are the leather jackets that are a great combination along with a skimpy summer dress ( In those cooler summer nights! ) .

  1. Never wear trousers and shirt in the same colour. – Wrong!

This is so wrong, especially this season autumn/ winter, as it turns out that this is a huge trend, wearing the same colour of trousers and shirt, and even lipstick, as long as you “defeat” the appearance with 3 other colours.


Hope this article was useful for you. Feel free to share your opinion , and comments.


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