Easy solutions for the most common skin problems that often occur in the summer (Part 2)

Easy solutions for the most common skin problems that often occur  in the summer (Part 2)



The summer season is the time when we discard off clothing layers, the ones which we hide our skin under for 80% of the year!

Now we can finally enjoy the sun and the warm air,all of which creates a great mood. This season, dress yourself in a lightweight and comfortable style of clothing that allows your skin to breathe easier and free.


However you should also bear in mind that high temperatures and beauty treatments can cause the formation of irregularities on the skin, and this can be seen in the appearance of subcutaneous fibres, enlarged pores, veins ... Summer certainly can cause skin problems, but fear not as these are all things that can easily be cured. Here are some suggestions how to treat these small problems.


Problem No. 1 :  Oily and glowing skin on the face

  Because of the humidity and high temperatures, the skin produces more oils. Frequent washing of the skin, and peeling may have just the opposite effect, so a good solution for this problem can be clay-based facial mask’s that absorbs excess fat from the skin. But you should not over use the process with this mask, Using it once a week would be sufficient.  

Problem No. 2 :  Cracked hands and feet

  For  treating this problem, try lotions that contain glucose or salicylic acid. The first increases the production of collagen and the other helps remove the harsh and unnecessary skin from the hands and feet.  Avoid using harsh brushes and aggressive methods that will only increase the problem.  

Problem No. 3 :  Hypodermic hair fibres

  This problem does not occur only during the summer months, but this is when it is most noticeable. Commonly this situation occurs as a result of hair removal with a razor, or with any other type of hair removal device. Do not remove the hypodermic fibres with tweezers, or a needle, because  this way you will only make a mark or further complicate the problem. To treat this problem, we recommend you place warm a compresses of chamomile tea on the area where you have hypodermic hair fibres, and hold it there for approximately 10 minutes. Do this 3 times a day, and this way will soften the skin and will be easier to remove the hair without the marking being left.  

Problem No. 4 :  Darkened skin under the armpits

  Dark circles under the armpits occurs due to frequent shaving of arm pit hair , whose root is seen under the skin, and it additionally influenced by perspiration, deodorants ... although painful, waxing wax could help much to reduce this problem. Of course, do not do it on your own and before you begin any treatment, consult your dermatologist.  

Problem No. 5 : Saggy and dry skin

  The elasticity of the skin is the responsibility of Vitamin C as a trace element of collagen.  We do not need to remind you of compulsory consumption of strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, lemons and oranges, fruits that have big responsibility in making your skin soft, and healthy.   For great appearance of skin elasticity it is recommended that you eat daily products rich in antioxidants, especially Vitamin E, which creates a protective layer of skin and allows regeneration of cells. If you want your skin to shine with irresistible look, you must include more vegetable oils and broccoli in your diet plan.     You can use creams for children in the summer time, which not to cause allergic skin reactions. If you have begun the third decade of life, it's time to think about using a night cream that the skin will allow sufficient nutrients at night.  

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