Easy solutions for the most common skin problems that often occur in the summer :

Easy solutions for the most common skin problems that often occur  in the summer :



TIP: It is recommended to eat strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, lemons and oranges to help keep your skin fresh and beautifully hydrated.

  Everyday people experience small troubled pains which are associated with skin problems, like for instances: cracked lips, dry skin, acne and wrinkles, which are a particularly common problem in the summer time.   You may wonder how is it possible that just one day of unhealthy eating, or just one not so good nights rest can leave such severe consequences on your skin? The answer should not worry you, because a healthy diet,daily enjoyment and taking care can correct any deficiencies and enable proper skin care.   Panic not, we are here to show you how!   You are probably do not want to go around in a heat wave during the summer time with concealer and powder on your face, just like every woman who dreams of having healthy and beautiful skin, Skin that does not require much attention before going out to face the world.   Here are solutions to the most common skin problems:   Problem No . 1:  Acne   Solution: Inflammatory processes of the skin may occur due to excessive consumption of white bread, potatoes, white rice, pasta and chocolate. Therefore, avoid thess foods  during the period you have problems with acne . In the fight against acne, you will find use from products in red colour, such as tomatoes, watermelon, red grapefruit, and cold compresses of tea with soothing and antibacterial properties.   Problem No. 2:  Not elastic and dry skin   Solution: The elasticity of the skin is the  responsibility of Vitamin C as a trace element of collagen.  We do not need to remind you of compulsory consumption of strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, lemons and oranges, fruits that have big responsibility in making your skin soft, and healthy.   For great appearance of skin elasticity it is recommended  that you eat daily products rich in antioxidants, specially Vitamin E, which creates a protective layer of skin and allows regeneration of cells. If you want your skin to shine with irresistible look, you must must include more vegetable oils and broccoli in your diet plan.       Problem No. 3:  Wrinkles   Solution: Natural antioxidants of plant origin are the right choice if you want to slow down the ageing process of the skin.  It is enough to consume one glass of red wine in two days or eating red grapes daily to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Do not allow yourself to look older than you actually are.   Wrinkles look large when clogged with dead cells and fat. For cleaning your face, use exfoliates containing between 1- 5 percent (%) salicylic acid . Clean your face with that product every second day. It will desquise where the wrinkles are most evident.     Problem No. 4: Cracked lips   Solution: Vitamin B2 contained in products such as eggs, milk, meat, white bread, mushrooms, and almonds will help you in the problem with the appearance of dry skin and cracked lips, knees and feet.   The most important trick is to prevent your lips to crack. When you go out, especially in windy or sunny weather, apply a thin layer of cream , or lip balm with SPF 30, and when you return at your home, when you are inside, remove the cream, and apply lip balm.    

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