Drink a glass of health every day

Drink a glass of health every day


You have probably heard the phrase “You are what you eat “. But, you are also what you drink, as we all know drinking lots of fluids can help your body get rid of toxins that may be causing you long term harm and even maybe the root cause of several diseases. Fluids can also help quench your hunger for several hours , and that is a way of avoiding eating big amounts of food at the wrong times. This is good news, because maintaining a healthy body weight can reduce the risk of developing several cancers and diabetes to name a few. But not every drink has that power. In addition we are showing you the strengths and weaknesses of popular drinks, concerning your body and health.

  1. Coffee – Cup full of health :
  Health benefits :  Anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that coffee has, might prevent diabetes, stroke and some cancers.   What to avoid ? -  Accessories for coffee, such as sugar, milk foam, whipped cream, dressings and milk, because they can add on average about 700 calories per one cup of coffee. The coffee itself has no calories.   Recommended dosage: -  Caffeine can cause loss of fluids because your body may have difficulty  in getting rid of toxins. So stick within the limits of 200 to 300 millilitres of pure coffee, no additives / per day .        
  1. Fruit juice-  Choose some with less sugar :
  Health benefits :  Fruit juice is a great way to consume many of the Vitamins needed for your body’s daily intake.   Recommended  daily dose:  Try not to drink more than one glass of carrot juice a day, because it is full of natural sugars.   TIP:  Make sure you try to drink freshly pressed , drained juice, or when buying , select one of whose packaging says 100% natural juice ( avoid drinking fruit syrups) . In this way, you avoid harmful sweeteners and a large number of artificial calories.        
  1. Tea- White tea is the best  :
Healthy benefits:  Tea speeds up your metabolism , which may help maintain a healthy bodyweight. Moreover, antioxidants found in tea may help your body get rid of toxins, and prevent abnormal cells that may turn into cancer, says the National Cancer Institute.   Want to know your best choice?  -  Want to ‘fill’ your body with antioxidants? Then drink white tea. Green tea is the second best choice. Black tea has fewer antioxidants that fight cancer.   What to avoid?  - Avoid placing sugar or sweetener in cup of tea, because they add a whole lot of calories per drink.   Recommended daily dose: -  Limit consumption of tea to not more than 1 litre of unsweetened tea per day, and drink large amounts of water also.      
  1. Carbonated drinks- Avoid them whenever possible :
  Be careful with the consumption of carbonated drinks. Dietary or not, they certainly are not at all healthy. The worse thing about drinking carbonated juices is that they are easy to drink in large quantities, but not giving you a feeling of having your thirst quenched. So, you continue to charge the glass again and again, and never feel satisfied.   Harmful ingredients:  A can of fizzy pop at 0.33 ml has almost 150 calories, that can precipitate fat around the stomach area and increase the risk of cancer, says The American Institute for Cancer Research. Plus, phosphor which is part of carbonated sodas , makes it difficulty for bones to absorb calcium, which in case of every day over dosage-  in turn puts you at risk of bone fracture and osteoporosis.        
  1. Let water be your favourite drink :
On the top of the list of healthy fluids, water definitely is at number 1.  You can drink as many cups as you want per day. Water maintains hydration of your muscles, so that way physical activity is easier achieved and more productive.   Healthy benefits:   Drinking water before and during the meals, makes your stomach full and prevents you from eating food in excessive quantities. Also, intake of enough fluids in the body is part of every healthy diet.    

TIP:  Remember, most of Vitamins, Nutrients and Antioxidants you need to enter into your body through natural fruits and vegetables , and not through drinks.

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